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About me
I am a self-taught administrator, self-motivated and challenge´s lover.

As BJSoftware's owner I have goals that includes the BJSoftware action program, consequently mine too.

Until 2016 we will be a Brazilian reference in SaaS for Cloud Computing and we will have a office at main cities of brazilian's south and southeast

Specialties: Software development, data analysis, requirements analysis, portable applications development.

Software development experiencie in architectures like: Client Server, N-Tier, N-Layer and SOA. Knowledge in many development languages like: Object Pascal, C, PHP, ActionScript, MXML and Bash Shell scripts. Solid knowledge in Design patterns and business design patterns. Free software and freedom lover.
Work history
* COODETEC (Research)

* BJ Software (Information Technology and Services): To coordinate, to help and to prepare all the employees to follow and breath our business principles, business mission, business vision and business values. At BJSoftware we cherish by the customer, our main asset and main pilar of our business

* APR Tecnologia (Information Technology and Services) [desde 6/2013]

* Master Magazine (Retail) [desde 1/2012]: Software project gesture, viability analysis, outsourcing software project

RIA Applications
Backend Development for Unix Based Systems
SOA Architecture Development

* GDC Computadores (Information Technology and Services) [desde 8/2009]: Developer of Accounting software, NF-e (Government fiscal decoupled application with SOA requirements)

* Softcia Informática (Information Technology and Services) [desde 2/2008]: Software development for agricultural business contenting:
Financial Module;
Stock gesture;
Customer gesture;
DSI (Decision Support information);
Fiscal gesture;
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