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Sysadmin large facilities more than 100 Servers more than 1000 users
Member of team and team leader (6 members world class)
IT Project management. (PMP certification on track)
Goal oriented.
Continues Improvement.
Implementation of datacenters
Architect and Administrator virtualization environments.
Consolidation physical servers to virtual. (Migration)
High Availability
Virtualization: VMware - Xen - Microsoft HyperV
SAN Storoge, Administrator of EMC CX700 (2 x 40 TB)/ Del AX150 /  IBM S3512/24 (6 TB) /
System Administrator (SR): Windows - Linux - Unix
Network administrator (SR), physical and virtual networks
Infrastructure Administrator : Power Supply, Hardware, Software, Conectivity, Security.
Implementing F5, Fastsoft (IP protocol modifiers WANs)
High availability and redundancy in different types of services
Implementing Cluster - Load Balancers
Monitoring Service – SLA  – Availability Reports
Databases, Mysql, Oracle, MS
Ticket System
Hardware and software inventory -
Track Infrastructure changes
Security - Active Directory - LDAP - Firewall Cisco 5520 - Policies.
PHP, Powershell, bash, Perl.
Moodle Independiente service provider.

Francisco is known for being methodical and highly goal- oriented. In his career the key to a success has been the use of new technologies in which he has always found his best ally to the solution of various problems.
His focus on goals and good humor allow teamwork to be carried out on time and with success, through the good working environment that he fosters.
Francisco is also autonomous at work and can perform complex tasks without any supervision ; this is why several different companies have entrusted their entire datacenters to him. (Unomedios , Mendoza Argentina // Cambridgesoft Boston MA USA )

References :

Unomedios :

Elio Adrover

CambridgeSoft :

Peter Vakhutinsky

Joel Wolff
Historia laboral
System Administrator
Huddle Group
April 2013 – July 2013 (4 months)Mendoza Argentina
System administrator
System Administrator
UNO Medios
June 2011 – April 2013 (1 year 11 months)Mendoza Argentina
Sysdamin for environment of 1500 users, 3 Active directories, 60 different systems, 4 locations
I was in charge , creator/architec of the following projects :
Project : Virtual 0
Task : Physical Installation :
Server s IBM serie X (12)
Storage IBM serie DS3500 under fiber connection
Fiber Switch
Ethernet SW
Logical Installation :
Installing Vmware ESX
Creation of raids, luns, volumes over the Storage
Fiber Zones for FB Switch.
Creating HA infrastructure.
PKIs and Metrics
Evaluation of IOPs for differents cases // Raids
Evaluation of Ethernet/ HA
Project : Virtual 1
Task : Consolidation of the Physicals Servers over Virtual Insfractructure – Migration Physical to Virtual .
Task : Analisys of each system that needs to be migrated , create the framework and timeline for each system.
Task : Migrate physical to virtual servers ( 60 physicals, 40 Linux Unix 20 Windows )
Project : Virtual 2
Task : Create VDI environment for remote newspaper redaction.
Project : User ID
Task Create infrastructure to provide userID using Active Directory for 400 Users.
Implementation of Active directory one location.
Implementation and integration of Active Directory over Wan Infrastructure 3 locations.
GPO Security Policies.
Project SSO :
Task : Integration in SSO for systems migrated in Project Virtual1 and Users in Project UserID.
Project : Automated Inventory of the hardware and software/ passive monitoring
Startup of a Spiceworks sytem for a 700 computers environment Also used as Ticket system // follow up task.
Project : Active Monitoring using Nagios / Zenoss / Ganglia
Create the framework of a monitoring farm for monitor services

Project : HA for Woodwing System ( Newspaper Editing Workflow system )
Creation of the HA for Woodwing Sytem, using virtual infrastructure, in the IAS layer.
Mac consultan
Tarjetas Nevada
June 2005 – June 2012 (7 years 1 month)
Support of Mac technologies inside Windows Environment for a Credit Card company in the Marketing sector.
    Technologies: Mac OS , Cisco Networking , Windows 2003 security.
    Disaster recovery for Mac system
Software-Chemical Company Located at Cambridge  MA USASystem Administrator of SAAS
Software-Chemical Company Located at Cambridge MA USA
April 2009 – May 2011 (2 years 2 months)
System Administrator of Virtual Infrastructure.
Vmware Cluster of 20 Real Server, 250 Vmachines Clients.Isolate VM , Isolate network. Virtual Backup. HA/Fail over – Balance network.HA/Virtual Cluster.
SO : Windows 2008 - Windows 2003 – Windows XP – Vmware ESX – Linux
Firewall Administration .
NAS administrator EMC CX700 ( 40 TB )
CDN , F5 and FastSoft accelerate IP appliance
Administration of DNS/DHCP/SMTP servers.
SAAS planning development.

Project 0 : Hardware migration.
Migrating 20 Vmware ESX Host Servers
Migrating EMC AX150 Storage to EMC CX700 ( 40 TB )
Key factor : SLA Zero Downtime

Project 1 : Sysamdin in a SAAS environment in a multicultural team.
Key Factor : Oracle DBA, Vmware ESX, Multitier Aplications
System Administrator
Belatrix Software Factory
2009 – May 2011 (2 years)
Responsible for developing and implementing IT plans infraestraestructura in a company located in Boston MA USA
The Vines of MendozaSystem Administrator
The Vines of Mendoza
January 2007 – April 2009 (2 years 4 months)
Administrator of 3 Wifi Networks , 3 Real server
4 Virtual Server , 1 Server in charge of Fail over balance Internet – Intranet - VOIP connection , Disaster recovery plans
Cpanel administrator . SO : Windows – Mac Os X – Linux Ubuntu.
    Technologies:
    Windows 2003 Server Installation , Upgrade , Maintenance , Backup politics, security , IIS and MS SQL server for the Intranet #1
    Linux Ubuntu server , Tomcat with VMServer Infrastructure
system backup , scripts used in disaster recovery ,
new VPS using scripts , migrating computers from the real world to virtual using Vmconverter , migrating computers from Virtual to real world using the Vmware as a real image computer.
Backups with VMware Consolidated Backup and direct back.

    Voice over IP Trixbox ( Asterisk ) server integration with regular PBX system.
    Pfsense server , Firewall , VPN , server Balance and fail over Internet connection.
    Email Server Administrator.
    Setting and administrator of branch over Satellite connection
( Valle del Uco )
    Google Environment service.
    Internal Help desk creator.
    Remote Support ( Windows , Mac )
    Support and user assistant
Support- Sysadmin
TSC Charleston
2003 – 2005 (2 years)Charleston SC USA
Tech Support II Level , Help Desk 45000 Users. Charleston School District South Carolina USA
IT Service Monitor
March 2010 – Present
Creating a dashboard for monitoring services of SAAS, or other IT services, creating alerts and management reports of the availability of each service .
E-Learning Solution Provider.
July 2005 – Present
E-Learning Solution Provider.
Since 2005 is working in different LMS to provide E-Learning solutions to different companies and schools.

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