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Mateus B.

Security Analyst at Locaweb

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Programación y Tecnología

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I am a creative, motivated and experienced IT professional.
For more than 8 years I have been gaining experience and adding value to important projects in universities, research centers and corporate clients in Brazil and in United States.
In my latest experiences I provided security consulting, I planned and executed migration of high availability environments, I migrated firewall solution in critical environments, I deployed and managed security infrastructure in large hosting companies.

✔DNS ✔Email ✔Firewall ✔Ldap ✔Proxy ✔SSO ✔Web ✔WebDAV

✔Apache ✔Bacula ✔Bind ✔CAS ✔CheckMK ✔Dovecot ✔Ganglia ✔Iptables ✔MySQL ✔Nagios ✔NFS ✔Nginx ✔OpenDJ ✔OpenLdap ✔OpenVPN ✔Postfix ✔Postgresql ✔Samba ✔SpamAssassin ✔Squid ✔Wordpress ✔Zimbra

Programming Languages:
✔PHP ✔Ruby ✔Shell Script

✔Ethernet ✔FiberChannel ✔Infiniband ✔Wireless

Operating System:
✔CentOS ✔Dd-wrt ✔Debian ✔Fedora ✔FreeNAS ✔OpenSUSE ✔OpenWRT ✔PfSense ✔RedHat ✔Solaris ✔Ubuntu

✔KVM ✔OpenVZ ✔VMware ✔XenServer
Historia laboral
* Locaweb (Internet)

* GNU Works (Tecnologia da informação e serviços)

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