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iOS/Android/PHP development expert, total of 6 years experience. We are a team of individuals (10+).  

* As an iOS developer, We have developed dozens of iOS.  From idea evolution to use cases to development to AppStore submission.
Proficient in Objective-C and Swift.

Check my Github : https://github.com/xeieshan 50+ Stars
Stack-overflow : http://stackoverflow.com/users/827575/xeieshan 2300+ rating

* As an Android developer, We are author of applications which have millions of active users and downloads on Google Play. Our senior most Android Developer have a professional 5 years of experience We have developed 30+ applications individually and as team too.

What we know best:
* Writing readable code by using clear, explicit method, variable names and effective commenting.
* Deep Knowledge in Swift, Objective-C, Java
* Superior proficiency with Xcode IDE / iPhone SDK, Android Studio / Android SDK, Sublime (React Native), PaintCode, Sketch.
* Building and distribution of Application on AppStore.
* Data storage using SQLite, File writing, Core Data and NSUserDefault.
* Apple Maps and Google Maps.
* Payment gateways (hyper-pay, brain-tree, ApplePay)
* GCD (Grand Central Dispatch) / Multitasking
* Push notifications (APNS GCM FCM)
* XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol)
* SVN (Bitbucket, Github)
* Profound experience in handling Web Services REST, SOAP, JSON, XML
* Extensive use of services such as fabric (real-time bug tracking)
* Handled application prototyping, UX design, converting the design to resolution independent drawing code.
* Up to date process information in Apple / Google app release process, AdHoc/Enterprise Distribution, Test Flight / Alpha, Beta Testing, Diawi, Hockey SDK
* Protocol-level understanding and coding for popular HTTP, https, SNMP, FTP, SFTP
* Efficient use of various programming practice (OOP, POP, MVC, MCCM, FP and other software design pattern) as necessary
* Experience with Vision library (OpenCV, Flandmark, Native )
* Experience in APIs (PHP, Ruby On Rails, C#) 

Area of expertise:
* Travel Apps, Cleaning Apps
* E-commerce apps (Order Delivery)
* Social networking apps 
* Financial Apps
* MSBot C#
* Front end (Wordpress/Admin panel)
* Maps, Google APIs, Card IO, Braintree, Payment gateway.

I like to provide
* Live Zoom/Skype/Team Viewer Support.
* Whole source code (Commented) with some charges
* Minute of meeting after each call via Email
* Update on work progress daily
* Daily builds for QA
* Deliver with ownership
Historia laboral
* Inov8 Limited Pakistan (Financial Services)

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