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    Independent Consultant, Trusted Advisor, SAP Solution Architect,  Qualitor Assurance and Business Integrator
    Twenty five years of experience in Information Technology, fifteen of which working in SAP consulting partners.
    Framework Fiscal Product(SAP ICC Certified) architect.
    Business Solution Senior Architect, integrating technology and processes for the Strategy, Planning, Controllership, Accounting, Finance and Cost areas, with deep knowledge in SAP software tools.
    Management of ERP implementation projects, with wide experience in projects of more than US$5M and teams of up to 300 professionals.
    Professional Services Management.
    Client prospect, pre-sales support, coordination and presentation of implementation proposals.
    Selection and hiring of managers, consultants and commercial negotiation with partners and technical selection of subcontracted.
    Wide experience in various areas that compose the Information Technology activities.

Specialties: - Delivery, financial, operational, contractual and staffing activities of Professional Services
- Solution Design Architect for Business Process;
- Strong Project management knowledge ( ProvenCourse, R2i, ASAP, MethodBlue and others);
-Information Technology Governance;
-SAP functionalities with emphasis in high value aggregate applications as Controlling (CO), Financials (SEM and CFM), Business Intelligence (BPC), Supply Chain Management (APO) and Product Data Management (PDM)
Historia laboral
E.P.B. & Borges Independent Consultants
March 2014 – Present (1 year 2 months) São Paulo
Provide SAP architecture solutions, business integration capabilities and implementation complex project advisory to all SAP ecosystem participants(consulting and customers)

Firsteam Consulting
May 2008 – February 2014 (5 years 10 months)
São Paulo Area, Brazil
Firsteam delivers Solutions & Services to its customers to support them in delivering Fiscal obligations through SAP based solutions.
My department focuses on to maintain and improve the Framework Fiscal Product (SAP Certified) and supported Firsteam delivers consultancy, customer projects, new applications and best in class SAP solutions to the market.
I am fortunate to manage a large strong team of experts assisting our customers in these areas.
My role is "to create a professional environment in which a team can be successful in exceeding our customers' expectations".
Next to that I am also responsible for maintaining Firsteam's network of Partners who assist us when we need enforcements on a temporary basis. To that I build an extensive network and introduced procedures and a standard way of working getting the extra staff on board.

TDS Enterprise
Solutions Unit Director
January 2007 – April 2008 (1 year 4 months)

Senior Manager
July 2003 – July 2006 (3 years 1 month)
Leadership in Brazil to the strategy, planning, controllership, accounting and finance of SAP solutions.

ERP SAP international project - Footwear, E&C and Cement
•    Implementation of ERP SAP in Brazil and in Latin America, managing a project of US$15M, US$8M of which of consulting under his direct responsibility, with a team of 300 professionals, among consultants, employees and third parties..

ERP SAP international implementation project - Agribusiness
•    Implementation of ERP SAP in Brazil, in the USA and in Europe in two years, managing a project of US$10M, US$5M of which of consulting under his direct responsibility.

ERP SAP International project of rollout - High Tech
•    Rollout of the American implementation of ERP SAP in the Brazilian branch, coordinating a team of 30 professionals.

ERP SAP implementation project Oil&Gas

•    Leadership of the controllership and renovation of the credibility with the client.

W3 - Procwork
November 1998 – February 2003 (4 years 4 months)
ERP SAP project of the strategic planning - Sugar and Alcohol
•    Implementation of a planning solution aligned with the VBM ( Value Based Management), coordinating from the verification with the board of directors to the implementation in SAP SEM/BW.

ERP SAP upgrade project - Cable and Systems
•    Project management, with specific solution for the cable industry (IS-CS), with high complexity for the upgrade.

ERP SAP implementation project - auto-parts (piston, bearings)
•    Technical management of the SAP project of US$4M, for implementation in three companies of the group, with seven productive plants and with a team of 30 professionals.

ERP SAP implementation project - Agribusiness.
•    Solution in soy and corn processing, integrating the logistics and accounting systems, with accurate information in real time to manage commodities business (soy and corn).

ERP SAP implementation project - Beauty and Health
•    Implementation of the standard-costs for the production control.

Osram do Brasil
December 1986 – November 1998 (12 years)
Implementation project of the Business Management System (ERP)
•    ISO 9002 Implementation
•    Support to the Engineering/Maintenance Systems
•    Creation and coordination of the Information Center
•    Information of Industrial Costs, integrated to the General Accounting
•    Profitability of the Sales per Client.

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