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I'm a fully motivated computer geek living in Sao Paulo, Brazil with more than 10 years of web development experience, started with JavaScript back in 99' up to today's web development in Python/Django. I consider myself as a self learner and up-to-date to all the related subjects where I am involved with. I also believe to have a great and sharp logical skills, being methodical with best practices, standards and code style, investigative, curious and creative especially for problem solution. 
Historia laboral

Over ten years as full stack web developer, started off by coding web applications under Linux to offer administrators a way to remote manage their servers, then worked on front-end and back-end development of several business applications for news aggregators and custom CMS, learning environment and course management system, web survey, BI custom reports, telecom billing system and construction management system. Currently, I’ve been working in a variety of freelancer projects most of them developing with Python/ Django.

I have been through delivering multiple concurrent projects, managing expectations, building trust and aligning goals. Formally recognized for analytical talent, communication skills, positive attitude and work ethic. 

//Employer History//
    Owner at //Substance Project//, São Paulo, Brazil - since 09/2010
I’ve been working as web architect / front and back end developer in a variety of projects such as web survey system, BI reporting tool, customized content management system, construction management system and few others.

Environment: Python/ Django, Javascript/ jQuery/ AngularJS, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL.

    IT Specialist at //IBM Brazil//, Hortolândia, Brazil - from 05/2008//
//After two months of knowledge transfer training in Canada, I worked on development and maintenance for trouble tickets of a telecom billing system application. I also worked with project documentation, trouble and change management processes, SOX testing and audits procedures.

The main project was designed to provide a data repository to other back-end applications. Developed as a client/server on MS Windows, providing users a way to input and verify billing data information.

Environment: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft SQL Server (advanced skills on Stored Procedures), C# .NET, MS Visual Basic 5.0 and .NET, ASP and Javascript.
    Web Application Architect at //UnB and Positivo Informática//, Brasília, Brazil - from 03/2006
Analysis and development of all new projects were my daily basis responsibilities, especially when performance and reports experience were required. Also worked on project documentation such as database and UML diagrams and data dictionaries.

The main project was designed to generate visual reports about learning environment activities on a 3-tier architecture web application used by universities.

Environment: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft SQL Server (advanced skills on Stored Procedures and functions), C# .NET, MS Visual Basic, ASP and Javascript.

    Backend Developer at //Internet Securities do Brasil//, São Paulo, Brazil - from 05/2004
Developed full-text parser solutions to collect and store world wide emerging markets information from data providers to database running as back-end. I also developed front-end interface to manage and format those information to the final User Guides 

The main project was designed to provide business insight based on emerging markets news and implement the application in the client's intranet.

Environment: Linux (Red Hat/ Slackware), MySQL, Perl/ MASON/ Reg. Exp., Javascript.
    Full Stack Developer at //Smart Solutions Brazil//, São Paulo, Brazil - from 06/2003//
//Building and leading operations through projects to improve a web-based remote full stack server management system was my only responsibility.

The main project was designed to help administrator manage their server and also generate all sort of reports about services like proxy and email activities. Improve users experience within the system was a highlight achievement in this Project Management// 

//Environment: Linux, Apache, Iptables, Samba, Squid, QMail, PHP, MySQL, Perl/ CGI, C, Javascript, XML, Ajax.
    Full Stack Developer at //GEO do Brasil//, São Paulo, Brazil// //- from 06/2001//
//Developed most of functionalities and interface to help system administrator to identify possible issues and/ or take major decision about configuration through system reports.

The main project was designed to provide a remote web interface for full stack server management.

Environment: Linux, Apache, Iptables, Samba, Squid, Perl/ CGI, C, PHP and Javascript.

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