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I am a data scientist with +4 years of experience in both industry and research.  I hold a BSc in Economics and a MSc in Applied statistics and data mining, both from the University of Buenos Aires. 

These are some of the data science projects I've worked with and have experience at: 
- Designing predictive models to predict churn, the propensity of clients purchasing certain products and text mining applications.
- Statistical analysis for research projects and industry. 
- Data visualization using R (shiny web framework) including d3.js, javascript based libraries.
- Algorithm development to automatically optimize google adwords ROI.
- Time series analysis and forecasting for business and finance
- I've also worked as a tutor for phd students and data science teams in industry. 

- R (+4 years)
- Python (numpy, scikit-learn, pandas)
- SQL 

I have worked with clients from around the globe, and I'm deeply involved in all my projects from start to finish. I continuously provide clients with the pros and cons on each choice they make and convey my recommendations for their selections. I am 100% committed to maintaining my 5-star ranking and will take your project as if it would be mine
Historia laboral
* Freelance: I have been working as a consultant in projects that involve the following tasks:

- Statistical Modelling: Regression, Classification and clustering using state of the art algorithms such as: Regularized Logistic regression, random forest, gradient boosting machines, adaboost, neural networks, SVM, LDA, convolutional neural networks, among others.
- Data munging/cleansing: Scripting in python, bash and R.
- Information Visualization using R (shiny).
- Statistical Analysis for business analytics
- Web scraping
- Development of ad-hoc recommender systems
- Text mining

Regarding programming, the tools I normaly use are R, python, SQL and bash.

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