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Sergio R.

Chief Innovation Officer

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Experience in IT Projects of Infrastructure, Customer Care and ERP in companies like BankBoston (Brazil & EUA), EverSystems (Brazil), S1 Corporation (EUA), Planservice(Brazil) and Applied Technologies for Rail Operations (Metropolitano de São Paulo) like Multimedia Systems and all interfaces and integration (Plantech - Brazil).
Lead IT Infrastructure reconstruction environment - BankBoston (Brazil), Eversystems (LA), S1 Corporation (Brazils' startup), Planservice (Brazil) and Plantech (Brazil).
Project Manager in B2B & B2P and INTERNET projects - BankBoston (Brazil) and Eversystems (Brazil).

Specialties: · 23 years of experience in Information Technology
- Solid background in IT (Unix, Mainframe, DB2 , Oracle, Microsoft Family, .NET and SOA Architecture & implementation);
- Strong knowledge in Project Management
- IT Systems Architect
- Development of Specialized Systems and Environments focused on Rail Operation, integrating Control & Management Systems with Multimedia Systems;
Historia laboral
* SauberRenz Tecnologia da Informação S/C LTDA: 1. Provide advice and assistance to senior managers on IT acquisition and management;

2. Develop, maintain, and facilitate implementation of a sound and integrated IT architecture*;

3. Promote effective and efficient design and operation of all major IRM processes for the company, including improvements to work processes.

In addition, the primary duties annually, as part of the strategic planning process,

a. to assess requirements for personnel regarding knowledge and skills needed to achieve performance goals that have been established for IRM;

b. to assess extent to which all managers at the company meet those requirements;

c. to develop strategies and specific plans for hiring and training;

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