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Helio C.

Test-First Evangelist & Back-end Software Engineer

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Study's areas and targets:
* Domain-Driven Design
* Software Architecture and Object-Oriented Design;
* Test-Driven Development
* Software Quality (and metrics)
* Design Patterns

* Ruby
* Cloud (Amazon AWS - EC2, Route 53; Heroku; AppFog; MongoHQ)
* MongoDB, Redis

* New Relic, Semaphore, Papertrail, Code Climate, Coverhalls, ...
* Rubygems (RSpec, FactoryGirl, Devise, MongoId, Grape, Haml, Resque ...)
* Bundler; Composer - PHP (PHP-Resque, Doctrine, Symfony)
* Heroku Toolbelt, Capistrano
* ViM (always)

Zend Certified Engineer PHP 5

I am not a rockstar, ninja or guru. Just an ordinary backend developer. Also, I am not interested in full-stack positions. Thanks :)

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