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My story
The classic boy who had a Nintendo Classic with Super Mario Bros, and its first computer very young, which computer? a Pentium 2, and if you still asking yourself why Do I code?, I have a crush on AI and Video Games, Data, and the important thing by far, this career is always going forward to the future, always changing and evolving, so I will never get bored, which makes me a happier person.

Why do I think I'm good on this?
Well, Easily, I just love to do it. Which translate in that I am going to read, learn and try to do it in the fast and better way of coding it, having consideration in performance, easy to understand and maintain.

Which are my personal motivations?
Enjoy life, Working remotely from anywhere in the world, the big chances of travel, meet people, learn new languages which are my hobby and big passion.

What do I need and what do I want?
I need more working experience, I want and search is freedom, in a lot of aspects of my life, for example, the economic freedom to be able to buy and maintain a Computer Lab with all the toys for learning and experimenting with new technologies, for example, Virtual Reality equipment.

Create or work in a 1 Billion USD company, I need to become in a unicorn (A mix between developer and Hyperpolyglot), to achieve I need to keep learning JS to master it, reading and learning new technologies to a master level, gain more experience developing projects, stay the same path for this year and keep learning languages in Duolingo. Write in my blog about my working experience.

My blog is
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* Http:// • Develop Web, Mobile, and Desktop Applications.
• Prepare and Implement Front-end, Back-end development, applying software engineering bases,  proficient with Git and Github.

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