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Application Developer, Tech Lead in a wide variety of industries. Focused in Web Based application and Client / Server technologies. Interested as well in non-profit development contributing to Open Source community.


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Taller Technologies (Computer Software) ////

    Globant (Outsourcing/Offshoring) // - desde 8/2011//
Working for a big travel company using different languages and frameworks. Mostly Java related frameworks like Spring, Spring Web Flow and Spring MVC. Using Scrum as chosen methodology.

    HP Enterprise Services (Information Technology and Services) // - desde 2/2010//
I worked in two different project. One of them was for a Ministry. The technologies apply were Full J2EE project with a Database Oracle the size of this was a large and my role was at the beginning Software Developer Senior after a while a became in the Tech Lead of this project. It was a great experience because I could learn Italian to work with our client. - Technologies: Java - Full J2EE - XML - Struts - Batch Procesign - Java Mail API - Oracle 10g - Methodologies: UP -Design Patterns The other one is airline with the same position Tech Lead and the project is very challenging because use an especial hardware, several technologies are apply on this. - Technologies: Java, Applets, Python, J2EE, JSF, XML RPC.

    INVEL Latinoamericana S.A. (Outsourcing/Offshoring) // - desde 12/2006//
My main role was working as developer on re-factoring, enhancement and production support on B2B application. Our clients were Retailers that exchange electronic documents between them using differents ways. This application had Web Based Interface to offer to minor suppliers a simple way to receive and send documents. In addition several standards and technologies were combined to provide an umbrella of services. - Technologies: Java BPI - MS SQL - J2EE - C# - Java Mail API - PostgreSQL . - Frameworks & Standars: ESB - Struts - Hibernate - EDI Fact - ebXML. - Methodolies: SOA - XP - UP.

    Universidad Siglo 21 (Outsourcing/Offshoring) // - desde 2006//
University needed a way to communicate information among Business Unit. Every requirement was analyzed for each Business Unit and generic requirements. An intranet was created with this purpose. At the beginning was divided in 14 modules and during the implementations was added some more for specific purposes. This intranet was developed with J2EE. Module of biometric authentication using fingerprint system, reports weekly and monthly Technologies: Web Sphere 5.1 - MS SQL - Java API - XML - IBatis Methodologies: UP.

    Dicicom (Outsourcing/Offshoring) // - desde 2004//
I worked as developer of SOA application in Insurance dutch company ING. I gave mentoring to other team members. I worked with a Soluziona proprietary framework. I kept contact with the client with induction sessions and requirements capture. Technologies: XSLT - XML - Java - Full J2EE - Oracle - Informix - Cobol - HTML Methodologies: CMM - Unified Process.

    Brandigital (Marketing and Advertising) // - desde 9/2003//
I started my technical path in this company and I have a lot of great memories with my first steps using some APIs that I am still using them. My role was of Java developer focus on EE. I was part of the team that implement a portal without any portal tool because in that moment no one fits with our client requirements.

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