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I am from the United States originally and have been living in Chile for the past 3 years. During this time I have gained experience in working as a freelance translator.

I have done various translations such as translating websites for hotels, translating business manuals for companies and translating certificates and CVs.

I am able to translate:

Science - General Articles - Research - Website content - Books - Academic Writing - Proofreading - Editing - Content Writing -Articles - - Reports - eBooks - Blogs - Scientific Research

I am very passionate about what I do and will provide prompt and effective translations guaranteed!
Historia laboral
1.     Learnship Networks
Cologne, Germany
♣    I worked as an ESL teacher and work mainly with German and French students who have various professions such as engineer, doctor, lawyer, accountant, or secretary.
♣    My job consisted of preparing and giving lessons. Lesson content depends on level of student. We cover both grammar topics as well as business English topics such as presentations, email writing, negotiation, logistics etc.
♣    I also work in a virtual classroom, which involves several different tools, which compensate for the lack of face-to-face communication.
♣    Dates of Employment: February 2012-April 2013

2.    Ardmore Language School
New York, New York

•    I worked as the head teacher for an international summer language school which had students from all over the world and countries such as Brazil, Germany, France, China and Japan
•    We designed fun and interesting classes for the students of all levels to advance their level of English
•    We were also in charge of leading daily tours to the city and making sure the students arrived in a safe and organized manner to and from the excursion.
•    Dates of Employment: May 2013-August 2013

3.    The Language Company and Freelance Classes             
Santiago, Chile

¥    Provided English instruction to staff at Clinica Alemana in Santiago.
¥    Kept track of students progress
¥    Administered tests regularly
¥    Provided classes to big companies such as Walmart, Abertis, Clinica Alemana, and Fisa.
¥    Dates of Employment: March 2014-May2015

      Colina, Chile

•    Provided  English instruction to staff of atellite operators whose job is it to communicate in English with other satellite operators around the world.
•    Strictly tracked progress of students by giving written exams, oral exams and evaluations.
•    Dates of Employment: May 2015-June 2016

5.    Freelance Translator
Santiago, Chile

•    Provided effective translations for the company EKO- Life Gourmet and translated the webpage

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