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Senior technician in chemistry mention chemical processes and Licensed Chemist with experience in drilling field  and geology , recovery, analysis and description of Samples, do logs and boards with the information and final report, Data quality interpretation in borehole chromatography and gas total, monitoring of all the process before, during and after drilling, calibration and installing of rig sensors,  HSE solid bases.
Historia laboral
Control and monitoring analyst
May, 2017 - Aug, 2017. Venezuela East Region (Purchase Department)
•    Upgrade and handling of master data, check all the process and fill all the documents necessary to comply with the requirements of check list.
•    Upgrade the information about suppliers.
•    Make a following about all the purchase and service executed, keeping attencion to the days required to receive the product or service.

Logger Senior
GEOLOG Venezuela
May, 2013 – May, 2017. Venezuela East Region (Deep, exploratory Wells and Horizontal Wells)
•    Sensor Calibration and instalation wellsite, sample catching and analysis, master log development, BHA and drillstring, gas interpretation and lithological report.
•    Drilling parameters solid knowledges, chromatography and total gas interpretation, final report for the end of each well finished.
•    Technical language advanced in the work field.
•    Drilling formulas wide knowledge, how and when to use it.
•    Geology and lithology for the stratigraphic column for most of kind of prospections in Venezuela 
•    Work in team and training new people

Logger A
GTS Logging C.A.
March, 2012 – May 2013. Venezuela East Region (Horizontal Wells and Deep Wells)
•    Sample Catching and analysis during real time drilling and exploratory wells.
•    Lithology report and history for each well, master log and final report
•    Work in team and training

Sales Manager in Store
Punto de Belleza.
2009 – 2012. Venezuela, El Tigre
•    Flow cash, inventory and report supervisor
•    Induction and instructions about how to manage the inventory
•    Direct communication with the franchise owner to manage the statistic of products
•    Leadership and training people in sales field
•    Products and personal care products induction to workers and clients

Field Operations Assistant
Transporte & Izamiento TIZCA (Heavy Transportation Company)
January, 2008 – October, 2008. Venezuela, El Tigre.
•    Daily Report and Control of all operations
•    Personnel payroll daily Report
•    Taxes and daily payment and money flow at charge
•    Field Evaluation performance work of equipment and personnel.

Quality Data Process Management System Assistant.
May 2006 – August 2006. Venezuela, El Tigre.

•    Audition for Quality Process, Daily, weekly and monthly  for each field
•    Quality information process performance comparison, each quarter and year.
•    Quality Monitoring in each company department.
•    COVENIN, ISO 9001-200 Audition and correction of each process by the norm.

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