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Industrial engineer with experience of more than 25 years in the automotive industry developing managerial positions on projects, production efficiency and quality systems
Historia laboral
    Maflow S de RL de CV        August 2016 to October 2017
Manufacture of AC assembly hoses, customers VW and Audi
Quality Manager
    Quality system implementation, IATF 16949
    Conduct VDA audits from customer and corporative
    Prepare PPAP documentation of all new projects through customer web site, (BeOn)
    Implement control and monitoring customer nonconformities, encouraging teamwork, statistical techniques, interpretation and analysis of data (SAP System).
o    Get Note 1 approvals from customers
o    Quality system implementation and training all personnel.
o    Create quality structure and training of the members.

    Complejo industrial Helvex S.A. de C.V.        January 2016 to July 2016.
Manufacture of valves and safety valves for water supply and water supply
Quality and Continuous Improvement Manager
    Kaizen Workshop in chrome area for reducing in-process inventory using process mapping, value stream mapping, improved product quality by applying statistical techniques and failure analysis.
    Kaizen Workshop to reduce customer claims for missing and misclassified materials in shipments areas.
    Implement control and monitoring customer nonconformities, encouraging teamwork, statistical techniques, interpretation and analysis of data (SAP System).
    Conduct continuous improvement workshops that involved relocating process areas improving the material flow.
o    Reduction or internal reworks from 18% to 5%
o    Reduced customer claims from 8% to 2%.
o    Reduced manufacturing time from 14 to 2 hours.

    Prettl Electric del Bajio S.A. de C.V.        Apr. 2012 to Dec. 2015
Manufacturer of Cable harnesses for automobiles, customers: Bosch, ZF, TRW, Takata, Alpha, Behr, Flextronics
Quality - Projects Manager
    Primary contact with customers purchases departments.
    Coordinate and follow up new projects
    Responsible to compile final Time Line for new projects
    Responsible to record, track and communication between all parties, keep customer updated and attend conrerences
    Responsible for supporting the launch of new business from the phase of the process and product approval, training operation personnel and process staff  in process controls and labor discipline..
    Responsible of Advance Quality System (APQP) in new projects
    Responsible of Supplier Quality and Supplier PPAP approval
    Process control and SPC Implementation.
o    Recover volume sales
o    Get new business assignment for 100% increase of current volumes
o    PPAP and SOP on time on new projects
o    New projects approval that means more than 30% of new business growth.
o    Developing strong relationships with customers
o    Reduction of more than 30% of internal PPM´s
o    Employee’s development.

    TMD Friction México S.A. de C.V.          Jul. 2009 to Mar. 2012
Manufacturer of Automotive brake friction materials, customers: Ford, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, Continental, Bosch, Akebono.
Quality and Continuous Improvement Manager
    Responsible instruct personnel on the quality of products and services, based on the implementation of compliance with customer requirements, ensuring compliance with international standards of quality; ensure compliance with the specific requirements of the Corporate. Supervising 6 Quality Engineers, 7 Technicians, 1 Continuous Improvement Coordinator.
    Responsible of Quality system based on ISO TS 16949, VDA 6.3.
    Responsible of Advance Quality System (APQP) in new projects
    Responsible of Supplier Quality and Supplier PPAP approval
    Process control and SPC
    Continuous improvement workshops (Lean manufacturing, Kaizen, Hoshin, etc.)
o    Reduce the number of nonconformities in the quality system audits
o    Appointment of best practices for continuous improvement at corporate level
o    Achieve zero defects with customers
o    30% SCRAP reduction
    Hutchinson Autopartes México (Fuel Transfer Systems) From May 2004 to Sep 2008
Automotive hoses, customers: Ford, Nissan, GM, VW, Daimler Chrysler, Behr. French company part of the TOTAL Group (Petroleum); Hutchinson World Wide has annual sales for more than 2,600 million euros, more than 25,000 employees in 95 industrial sites
Process Engineering & Continuous improvement Manager    (From May 2007  to Sep 2008)
    Responsible of the industrialization of new projects, using APQP method
    Responsible continuous improvement plans like:
o    SCRAP reduction
o    Productivity increase
o    Visual factory
o    Etc.
    Responsible to develop training manuals in each process
    PFMEA action plan focused on NPR’s reduction through multifunctional teams in all the process
o    SCRAP reduction in more than 60%
o    Productivity increase in 25%
o    New project’s approval (PSO, PPAP, Run & Rate, Etc.)
Quality Manager    (From February 2006 to May 2007)
    Responsible of Quality system based on ISO TS 16949,
    Responsible of Advance Quality System (APQP) in new projects
    Responsible of Supplier Quality and Supplier PPAP approval
    Process control and SPC
o    Claims reduction from 11 to 2 monthly average
o    ISO TS 16949 Certification
o    New project’s approval (PSO, PPAP, Run & Rate, Etc.)
o    Quality Cost reduction from 7% to 4.6%
Production Manager    (From May 2004 to February 2006)
    Manufacturing responsible with: 2 Superintendents, 6 Supervisors, 4 Technicians and 250 Operators.
    PSO process new projects.
    All manufacturing site responsible: Extrusion, Knitting, Vulcanizing, Assembling
    Production control and schedule
    Continuous improvement workshops (Lean manufacturing, Kaizen, Hoshin, etc.)
o    Sales Grow from $2,000 to $15,000 USD
o    New projects launching
o    Cero defects with customers
o    ISOTS 16949 and ISO 14000 certification
o    Achieve capacity for  400,000 weekly pieces

    Sensor Cables Automotive de México          Dec. 15 2001 to February 16 2004
Automotive wire harnesses customers: Hella, Siemens, Bosch, Vogt, BI Technologies (Mercedes Benz).
Technical Manager
    Responsible of Production, Maintenance, Engineering and New Projects departments. 3 Supervisors, 4 engineers, 1  Maintenance Chef, 3 Technicians, 116 operators.
    New Projects development for companies such as: Bosch, Mercedes, Siemens, Vogt.
    To give all technical support to the plant
    To calculate the personal plan.
    Continuous improvement workshops (Lean manufacturing, Kaizen, Hoshin, etc.)
o    Double the size of the operation in less than 2 years
o    Re organize all the production lines in cell concept
o    Achieve zero defects with the customers
o    Certification in QS9000
o    Productivity improvement in 80%
    Bosal México                                                  April 03 2000 to Dec 15 2001
Exhaust System for AM and OEM, customers: Volkswagen, General Motors, Visteon/Ford, and Acknowledgement in welding, bending, metal cutting.
Continuous improvement Manager                            May 01 2000 to Dec. 15 2001
    To find opportunities areas where continuous improvement tools can succeed (Lean Manufacturing, Kan Ban, Hoshin, Kaizen, and J.I.T.)
    To create business indicators to the board in Belgium, (financial, operational, warehousing, etc.)
    To reach “Self quality” system”
    To train workers in problems solving tools
    To make branch reports showing the benefits in CIP (Continuous Improvement Tools)
o    Local components submission in J.I.T. concept
o    Create one line dedicated to after market with a set up time of 15 minutes
o    Increase line speed
Production Manager                                                    April 03 2000 to May 01 2001
    Responsible of the operation consist of press, cutting, tube bending, boxes and welding department
    Personal in charge: 8 supervisors, 2 process engineers, 7 Machinery set up technicians’ and 180 workers
    To update plant capacities, make work force calculation by production periods, human & material resources administration, make expenses budget and follow it up.
    QS 9000 certification
    To launch new production projects and line balance.
    Efficiency plant reports to the branch in Belgium
o    Scrap reduction in bending area
o    WIP stock reduction
o    Rework reduction

     Valeo Group                                                                  April 1995 to April 2000
Valeo Sylvania Iluminación (Lighting systems, customers: Volkswagen, General Motors, Nissan)
Production engineer                                            Jun 26 1999 to Apr 30 2000
    To generate safety stock for the operations transfer from Toluca to Querétaro
    Human resources selection and hiring
    Set up the equipments and process.
    Generate the VDA 6.1 document requirements.
    Implement VPS “Valeo production system” (Lean manufacturing)
o    No difficulties at the start of operations in Querétaro
o    Zero defect with the new people
Valeo Climate Control. (Climate system, customers: Volkswagen, Chrysler, BMW)
Process engineer                                                  May 13 1998 to Jun 26 1999
    Product binder generation, new and current projects control and administration, ISO 9000, QS 9000 VDA6.1 quality system maintenance.
    Process sheets generation and maintenance, quality system maintenance, launch and follow S.P.V. workshops
    To validate and implementation of improvement proposals
    “Hoshin continue” workshops, launch KANBAN system
    Self-quality Matrix implementation.
o    Local customer (Chrysler) Kan Ban system
o    Scrap, rework, and line shut downs reduction using self quality matrix
Valeo Security Systems. (Key and door lock system, customer: Volkswagen).
Production Chief                                                  May 16 1997 to May 12 1998
    Responsible of logistic, maintenance, engineering and production areas
    SOP activities: personnel selection and hiring, man power requirement analysis, to train new personal in the company, control and assure the raw material and components deliveries, cycle Time studies to balance the line, manage the human, material, and machinery resources,  assure the quality of products
    Valeo philosophy implementation
o    Star of production of the new line in Toluca and development of the products quality
Valeo Friction Materials (Clutch facings parts).
Production Engineer.                                            April 03 1995 to May 15 1997
    To developed tools controls and procedures, to reach more productivity, quality, and row material            optimal consumption, analysis and validation of new projects, make spare parts requirements according to customer demands
    To train personal in statistical process control
o    Cost reductions in consumables consumption
o    Development of production plan and control according with customer demands (Kan Ban)
o    Scrap reduction and set up time reduction using SPC
o    Set up time reduction using SMED workshop
    Volkswagen de México planta Puebla          January 1992 to November 1994
Production coordinator.
    I was selected from all the universities in the area to complete a “Voluntaries” trainee program for 1 year in                      courses, seminaries and rotation all along the company, and then I start as a Production coordinator with a new work policy in the production lines (Working Groups).
    To reach the production program in terms of quality an quantity
    To evaluate the personnel performance, to develop production process and instructions
o    After the 2 months strike we star the operation with a new “task force teams” concept, consist in a new way to evaluate the workers performance and considering the continuous improvement as part of the daily work. Reaching better productivity, scrap reduction and workers rotation and absenteeism reduction.

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