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Renata S.

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Fluent in English language, with precise experience in translations and classes.
Knowledge and skills in bilingual executive secretariat, board of directors’ assistance and language school coordination. Works in engineering, mining and biotechnology companies, English schools and private classes; besides working with interpretation, translations and proofreading of texts from several fields.
Historia laboral
* Self- employed work (since 2002): Text translation and proofreading for professionals in such fields as Psychology, Mastology, Radiology, Physical Education, Linguistics, IT, Cardiology (final course assignments and dissertations) and for companies (working on sites and texts). Writing and proofreading services for final course assignment with strict grammar structural, coherence and cohesion text analysis.

* Bilingual secretary services (main duties): Organizing of Conference Calls and meetings; bilingual phone calls; Translation of flyers, manuals and promotional marketing items; translation and development of documents (letters, power or attorney and others) and reports; translation and proofreading of business proposals, projects and other texts; responsible for the company’s logistics management; administrative routine tasks; stockroom sector organizing; resumes and sketches restructuring; research and customers prospecting.

* Teacher and pedagogical coordinator (main duties): Planning and management of educational activities; management of administrative and pedagogical work; training and hiring of professionals; development of management meetings; responsible for students placement tests and structuring of class groups; material organization for specific classes and test week; management of the school’s operating system for all pedagogical works; responsible for teacher’s time tracking ; development of extra activities and festivals, fairs and events for the school; planning and development of classes for children, teens and adult groups teaching according to the techniques and approaches from each school.

Joyful English and Portuguese (08/2009/ to 07/2010)  •Owner; English and Portuguese teacher; Translator/Interpreter
Main duties: Administrative management; English teaching course development with printed and virtual material analyzing for the development of the school’s own booklet; text translations and proofreading; English and Portuguese tuition classes for students from all knowledge levels (from literacy to college entrance exams and public position examination situations).

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