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Edgar J. T.

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Business development expert with more than 15 years of experience in retail, payments, business analytics and many other industries.
Solid leadership skills, able to get the results while growing skills of the team members.
A decision maker with a great mix of business needs versus operational functionality.
Historia laboral
* Alkaiser: Simple is Better.

* Elavon, Inc. (Financial Services): My job is to think about how to get the upper hand in the business, how to reduce costs, how to make things better, figure out which solution will be the next game changer and so on. In my spare time I closed a deal with one of the most valuable brands worldwide. This customer is projected to generate the company millions of USD in net revenue per year. (Could be the best deal in the history of this company)

* Slingshot LLC (Financial Services): Trading Crude Oil, Gold, Forex and Stocks.
Don't ask me anything because I don't follow up any advice, I create my own techniques and I think of my own conclusions.

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