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I love to learn and check-out new technologies. For this reason, in my spare time I make POCs using different SDKs, Game Engines or devices like Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Leap Motion, Beacons and others. Some POCs were improved, and became demos. Thanks to this, I'm able to deliver high-quality experiences for customers all over the globe.

I really love what I do. All time, I challenge myself to improve and I know that I can make the difference by building awesome products.

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Historia laboral
Kubey Machine - Founder ( Oct/16 – Present )
I am the Founder of Kubey Machine. We are a dedicated and hard-working studio with a combined experience of 10+ years on videogame development and 2+ years exclusively on virtual and augmented reality, looking to offer our outsourcing services on videogames and interactive app development using immersive technologies, feature tracking, and motion sense amongst others.

Freelance - Interactive Developer ( Abr/14 – Present )
Working on delivering high-quality experiences for customers all over the globe. Videogames cross-platforms, Augmented Reality with Vuforia-SDK or ARToolKit, Virtual Reality, WebSites and Digital Content.

Kubikware - Game Developer ( Nov/16 – Present )
I am part of a team that we are making a facebook game using Java, Smartfox Server, Action Script and Animate CC.

Video Game Makers Academy - Game Developer ( Jun/16 – Present )
Coach and Developer.

The Other Guys - Game Developer ( Jul/16 – Sep/16 )
Game development for mobile platforms like Android and iOS. Using Unity3D.

Electronic Arts - Game Developer  ( Feb/15 – Feb/16 )
Working as a Globant Vendor. I was member of a 25-person group, where communication and thinking like a group is a very important aspect of my daily duties. I used new proprietary technology along with a new way of working. In addition, I’m very careful with each change that I made because everything is very interconnected. I used Perforce P4, Collaborator, Confluence, DevTrack, among other technologies.

Globant - Game Developer ( Jun/14 – Apr/16)
When I started working for Globant, the most interesting area for me was Labs. It’s an area inside Globant where we explore new technologies. We turn good ideas into innovative applications. We are looking to meet everyone interested on collaboration, building possible POC’s, discussing about different topics and more! Because I love making games, I created a group inside Labs called “VR Games Labs”. All Globers that want to join us are welcome.  I assisted many work partners and taught them how to use tools or technologies to make games. My main focus was researching about virtual and augmented reality using Oculus Rift, Google Glass, and Unity3D. Also, I research about motion controllers like Leap Motion and Kinect.

Senscape - Game Developer ( Apr/14 – Feb/15 )
I was a volunteer helping in the development of the Asylum project. My work consisted of creating the controls for each of the game’s characters. I also provided tech support for Unity3D. The game support Windows and MAC.

InfinixSoft - Game Developer ( Apr/14 – May/14 )
Game development for mobile platforms like Android and iOS. Using Cocos2D-x, Box2d, Chipmunk2D, Cocos-2D and Object-C.

BoxitSoft S.A. - Game Developer ( Aug/13 – Mar/14 )
It was my first work making games. I learned a lot about game development. Mainly because each project had only one programmer, one graphic designer, and one QA. Also, each project had a duration of one month maximum. In this job, apart from working as game developer, I trained new developers and wrote documents about teaching and common standards to follow. I used C++, Marmalade SDK, Cocos2d-x and Unity3D. The games support mobile platforms: Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

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