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Sobre mí
-My new book "Apasiondas, tu vida sexual como una novela erótica", Vergara is placed number one in  Sexuality and Couples cathegories.
-I also work as a Sex Columnist in different magazines and newspapers

-Besides being a writer-Apasionadas is my second book, I ´m  a Sexologist and Couple and Family Therapist,

-I lead Latin American Circle of Sexual Femeneity( Circulo Latinoamericano de Sexualidad Femenina)., a space where we develop projects related to woman ´s mental and sexual health, we write movies scripts and theatre plays .
We also have an research and clinic center and provide therapy for women and her family

Historia laboral
* VERGARA, Ediciones B.

* DIARIO CRONICA: For the first time in Argentina a sexologist talking about sex on the Social Media at Cró Twtter at  #ElConsultoriode Mariela  and CronicaWEBTV, # El Consultorio de Mariela Govea.

* Circulo Latinoamericano de Sexualidad Femenina: We are a team that has the  goal to promote women and her family ´s sexual health.
We diagnose sexual dysfunctions and sexual problems, disorders and difficulties, and we always give a solution to our client ´s needs
Somos un equipo multidisciplinario que tiene como objetivo promover  la salud sexual de la mujer y
Sex Therapy, Personal Development, Psychoanalysis, Tantra and Couple and Family Therapy are our services,
We also have sexual enrichment workshops-
We are gay friendly, celebrate sexual viversity and are open to worl with new parenting families.
Our attention is private and confidential..

We are sex educators-also, and we asses schools, hospitals, private clinics and we work with politicians and teachers as  well. We have our own Center for investgation-here and in Europe and we stimulate the  cultural and tourist Exchange with Latin American sexologists.

We  promote sexual health in different ways: we write and edit books and magazines and provide content for Media..

* Latin American Circle of Sexual Femeneity

Diagnoses and Treatment of Sexual Dysfunctions and problems associated to sexual difficulties. Individual ,and Couple Sexual Therapy.  English and Spanish sessions.
Also, Personal Development, Psychlogy Sessions and Psychoanalysis Sessions as well.
Workshps and Trainning.

* Secretos de Lujo: AUTORA de  Secretos de Lujo,..


* Consultorio privado- Private Sessions of Sexology ad Psychoanalysis.: Therapist and Psychologist

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