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Build process to remove Carriage Return and Line Feeds from certain column in a text file

Freelancer John John 5 months ago

"The project was delivered fast and works very well. Highly recommend YiMing."


Custom tool to split data in .csv file.

Freelancer John John 5 months ago

"Yi Ming delivers quality work and is very fast. I highy recommend him."


About me
My name is YiMing Chen.
I graduated from Hong Kong University and I have degrees in Computer Science and Engineering. I received 5 years of education in Software Development and Machine Learning.
I have good experience with Python and Java programming. 4+ years as a researcher and lecturer of the university and a software developer of the company has given me substantial experience in mobile development and web design as well as academic modeling and simulations.
And I’m interested in Machine Learning and Big Data analysis. I want to work with persons who are interested in Finance and Business.
My major skills are as follows:
- Software Development: C++, C#, Python, PyQt
- WebSite Developmet: MERN Full stack, PHP, Django, MySQL
-Machine Learning: Classification, Prediction, Object Recognition, NLP
Work history
Company name  : SEEHIGHER
Position : Software Engineer
Working period : July 2018 – May 2019
Job Scope : Biophysical instruments and Mobile Device
Test Status
Javascript Avanzado