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As a Management consultant I help organizations to solve issues, create value, maximize growth and improve the business performance of their clients- I use the business skills objective advice, expertise and specialist skills which the organization may be lacking. My work is primarily concerned with the strategy, structure, management and operations of an organization. I identify for the organization and suggest recommendations for change, as well as helping with additional resources to implement solutions. I provide a wide variety of services such as business strategy, marketing, financial and management controls, human resources, information technology, e-business and operations, and supply-chain management
Historia laboral
INELECTRA INTERNATIONAL Engineering and Construction, Telecommunication and Informatics, Petroleum Production Services, September 2011 –August 2013.SOUTHERN CONE QUALITY COORDINATOR
o Implementation, control and perform the follow up of the defined Integrated Quality System, in order to comply the applicable rules, as on the Local as on the Southern Region Projects.
o Develop the Quality Management Plan for each Project, supervision and task control, plan the Quality periodic reviews for them. Coordinate, supervise and evaluate the Projects with the Engineering Managers.
o Execute Internal Quality Audits according the Annual Plan. In charge of Quality External Audits to providers and from customers and certified evaluators. Prepare the reports, state the findings and Nonconformities on Local or Southern Cone Projects.
Relevant Projects: TOTAL INCAHUASI BOLIVIA: QUALITY COORDINATOR. DESIGN ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCT during the Ph. 1, a Gas Treatment Train (6.5 MM3PD gas sales) with related utilities and buildings, along with the respective flow lines, connected to three (3) wells, water injection lines and the gas lateral/condensate pipelines.
o YPF LOMA LA LATA. DEVELOPMENT OF CONCEPTUAL AND BASIC ENGINEERING extended to cover the expansion requirements of USP-11 plants, Battery No. 3 and new pipe bridge in Neuquén river crossing.
o NITRATES AUSTIN POWDER PRODUCTION PLANT. SALTA. ARGENTINA Development of detailing engineering for low density ammonium nitrate plant, with a production capacity of 85,000 tons/year. Project valued at 300M U$S.
    Achievements: Certification of the Integrated Management System, December 2011

AUTOTROL S.A - Automation and Control of Electrical Plants  December 2006 - August 2011 - CHIEF OF THE QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, HEALTH & SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT.
o Organization and working Strategy of the different areas of the Company at all the plants.
o Analysis of the company state and development of manuals, process, Flowcharts, Process maps etc.
o Strategic planning of objectives, monitor compliance and measure of them (KPIs).
o Planification and execution of internal audits. Identification of improvement actions and development of the reports.
o Implementation of working safety rules. On site supervision of the Health and Security conditions at the plants. Reports preparation and monitoring of occupational accidents.
o Planification, monitoring and control of Health and Security tasks (managing three external consultants).
o In charge of Integrated Audits to externals providers (HACCP and Good Manufacturing Practices).
    Achievements: Quality Management System Certification, Implementation of the RMA System, Implementation of the Quality Improvement Process System, Statistics Control of both process plants, Calculation of the Operational Efficiency, Productivity, Time and Costs Indicators, among others.

o  Personnel selection. Recruitment, coaching and mentoring.
o Projection of future resources and projects in progress. Management thereof during development projects. Evaluation performance. Compensation and relocation of personnel in different positions. Focused organizational change and functional projects and / or strategic business improvements.
o  Coordination, planning, development and implementation of training plan and career. Internal organizational communication.
    Achievements: Faced with a clear growth and development production company, coordinating benefits associated with containment and continuous communication with people, was reduced considerably non-realization of internal delegates.

o Analysis, reengineering and process development. Management and permanent audit of Digital Projects (customers: Microsoft, Disney, Peugeot, Sony)
o Planning, scope, Time Management, Work Statement, development, control, execution and integration of the projects.
o Action plan and control of compliance indicators, administration of corrective/preventive/enhancement actions. Market Share analysis.

YPF Rosario -- (Petroleum) -- November 1998 - March 2004.-  GENERAL ADMINISTRATOR – FACILITATOR.
o Adaptation of the Lineament and Process of YPF/Repsol to the Local Gas Stations. Internal Auditor and Implementer of the ISO standards.  Training coordinator and Trainee.
o Inspection of the compliance of the labor standards defined by the company.
o Control and Evaluation Staff.
o Development of reports as a base of the strategy development and objectives definitions.
    Achievements: Certification of several Gas Stations under the defined standards.

January 2011 - September 2011 - BUSINESS ADVISORY GROUP OCSA (Autotrol, Coasin laboratory Coasin communications, and Cedinsa Ecadat) Counseling in organization and methods, organizational change, restructuring, communications, training and certifications among others.

o Methods and Organization of Several Areas.
o Development, adaptation and implementation of a measurement lab, INTI Homologation according IRAM 17025 (including procedures, infrastructure, purchasing, instruments/equipments calibration and staff training).
    Achievements: Techniques of Test and inspection accreditation (IRAM 301 / ISO 17025). The capability and efficiency achieved by the lab got the INTI authorization to supply them the assay standards.

o Process reengineering, documentation, procedures and working manuals of the different areas.
o Administration and Monitoring of the preventive/corrective actions.
o Implementation of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 standards on the Pilar Facility.
o Planning and Execution of the Quality, Safety and Health and Environment Internal Audits.
o Staff training on specific topics, Safety work standards, use of risky tools. Safe use of paint and chemistry products, recycling of them.

o  System Implementation Maturity Model CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) ISO 9000.
o  CMMI Implementation Project (levels 1 and 2).
o  Control and Monitoring Implementing and Monitoring or Quality Plans, audits.

o Organization and methods. Team Leader, Planning, Development of Strategies for Digital Systems.
o Planification and task monitoring of Project Managers Team.
    Achievements: Implementation of statistical control of the different development processes.

•    2014 - Iberoamerican University - Environmental Engineering – actually.
•    2011 - Belgrano University Master Department Graduate Studies and Continuing Education – Unfinished (Create an integral vision of the enterprise on all their aspects, allowing the development of theoric/practice tools to the management of the involved organization, promote a clear management of the organization's daily problematic with different approaches. Apply strategically the leadership to the organization).
•    2007     - Belgrano University Master Department Graduate Studies and Continuing Education- Human Resources Strategic Management – (New challenges on the Human Resources Management. Comunication and Planning Coordination. Job design and evaluation of performance. Organization Development. Compensations. Internal Relationships and Communications. Training and Skills Development Planning. Salary Policy, Remunerations and Incentives. Labor relations and Negotiation).
•    2006 - Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires. ITBA – Master – Project Management (Analyze and define the role, functions and responsibilities to lead a Project in an organization. Apply accordingly the Management bases, considering the country/region specific characteristics. Apply technology to create value and build sustainable competitive advantages. Develop and lead a strategic plan, manage projects that integrated Human, Economics and Technologies resources).
•    2004 - Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires. ITBA – Master – Engineering on Quality Integrated Management - Certified Quality Engineer –ASQ (Measurement and Testing Methods, Measurements Tools. Analysis of measurements methods, confiability faults and reports. Planification Tools (affinity diagrams, tree diagrams, process decision program charts, matrix interrelationship, and activity network diagrams).
•    1996- 1999 - National Technical University of Rosario, Degree in Systems and Management.

2014 - UNE ISO 21500 Project Management / Quality Management: excellence in service management. Argentine Chamber of Commerce.
2013/2012 – Measurements and Indicators / non-conformities and AC and P / Benchmarking - Fundace - Ipace- FPNC (Research Institute for Competitive Excellence). 2011 - The Quality new role. Fundace-Ipace- FPNC.
2009 - Black Belts Training – Foundation Cane – Without certification.
2008 -Quality Management Indicators Training. The 7 basic tools for the Quality Control – Analysis and Rationalization of the Process – EFMQ Quality - Nonconformities and Corrective Actions Management. BVQC.
2007 - Six Sigma Training. University of Economic Sciences Buenos Aires
2004 - Professional Attainment in Quality Improvement. American Society for Quality & Ipace.
2003 - Quality Service Management – Quality Management and Leadership. Research & Development Institute
2002 - Quality as Management Model – ISO9001 and Six Sigma, two required tools. Fundace - Ipace- FPNC.
1996 -Auditor leader as 19011 regulations. Implementation Documentation and reclaim control of the system. Statistical process control and continuous improvement. IRAM.

2011 –Training a Trainer. How to manage the change. Conflict resolution. Several Trainings at UTN.
2009/2010-Leadership based on results, Project Management, Tools for Manager’s Management, Conflict management, Efficient Management Performance. Several Trainings at UTN.
2008 - Resource Selection by Skills Executive Program. Coaching and Leadership Executive Program, Internal Work environment. UP - Graduate School of Business.
2002 - Organizational Change Facilitator. Fundace - Ipace- FPNC.

2013 - Health and Safety Standards in Companies - Argentine Chamber of Commerce.
2013 - Introduction  ISO 14001:2004 – UTN. Introduction to Risk Management.
2013- Security and Health actual Standard. The Supervisor role on accidents preventions, Law Nr. 19587 and Regulatory Decree 351/97. Simulation Training in plants and offices. Claim Management. Defensive driving. Asociart ART Trainings.
2011 - Actual State and lineaments of the Labor Accidents Prevention.

English: Reading – Writing – Advanced Level / Oral – Intermediate Level.
French:  Intermediate Level.

2006– Ms Project 2000 Advanced – Exo.
2005 - Project Management Training - Belgrano University.
2005 - Balanced Scorecard /updated at 2011 - Scorecard
2004– Microsoft Project 98 – Microsoft.
2002 - Projects Planning and Control Knowledge of Bejerman System, Knowledge of SAP, MM Module, Introduction to Purchase Process, Visio Advanced System. Liveware.
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