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I have already lived many situations in the academia, and I have enough experience in the corporate environment to know how to mix certain characteristics of both to profit in any of them.

If the world is getting more and more stringent about the quality, visible and hidden, of products and services, if the need for customization has grown, the design of products and services shall be made more flexible, aware of the uncertitudes of the requirements of the customer and the capabilities of the suppliers.

Theoretical tools long known in academic world could well be used in the day-by-day activities, improving the customer's perception of the quality/price ratio of products and services.

I don't know all the tools (they are plenty), but I'm informed of the existence of a big range of them, I have theoretical basis to learn on demand, and I know some deeply.

In the communication aspect, my focus is on the 3 C's: coherence, completeness and conciseness. The time of the readers doesn't belong to me, after all.

Regarding the life learning aspect, I have exercised it through the excellent on-line open courses at Coursera and Udemy. Although I have had no time to do all the exercises in order to get Statement of Accomplishments in all the courses, I have finished Social Psychology, Statistical Molecular Thermodynamics, Linear and Integer Programming and Introduction to Mathematical Thinking, High Performance Scientific Computing and, strange as it may sound, Introduction to Guitar, all at Coursera, and VBA Programming at Udemy.

Capabilities: Fluid Flow Simulation (CFD), Mathematical Modelling, VBA Programming

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