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I have been working on user interfaces the last couple of years, doing extensive use of frameworks like Backbone and AngularJS, libraries such as MooTools, jQuery and React, and NodeJS for server coding. But I also have lots of experience making websites with other technologies for about 8 years now, and I have been programing since I was a kid (I start scripting at 12 years old).
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Test of Knowledge of General JavaScript Skills 2014 60% 56% Passed
Work history
* almundo.com (Travel): I worked on front-end applications using NodeJS in server-side (for APIs consuming, routing, context resolve, etc) and AngularJS in browse-sider coding, both using ES6.
* Social Metrix (Social Media) I worked developing UI features in 2 products, both for social media data analysis.
Stack: Intensive use of MV* frameworks (AngularJS and Backbone), css preprocessors (LESS and SASS), chart libs (Highcharts), Grunt as task runner and Bower for dependencies.
* FnBox: I worked as JavaScript developer, implementing 2 of the company's core projects in a new stack (nodejs + backbone). Those projects are recarga.com and cuponica.com.ar
* Despegar.com (Travel): I worked as front end developer for viajeros.com
* Nicestream (Software Factory): I worked as developer using PHP, MySQL, MooTools, NodeJS, jQuery, MongoDB and web scrapping with PhantomJS.
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