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I am Portuguese native speaker from Brazil and I am studying business administration in the U.S. I have a 3.5 overall GPA. I am very comfortable with both languages since I live in the U.S. The fact that I study over there for a few years, and that I took english 101 and 102 classes among other classes that already have given me 84 college level credits give me credibility to translate any content in the most clear and appropriate format from English to Portuguese or vice-versa. Living among American native speakers help me in the development process of speaking English. The translation made by someone that lives among those American native speakers makes more sense because the translator knows what is common for Americans to say or how to be clear for them to understand any content. The same applies when the translation is from English to Portuguese. 

There is a big difference when a person studies a language in his homeland than when that person travels abroad and live within the environment that language is spoken. That is why I am here to make all your translation smoothly understandable for Portuguese and English readers.

Some of the classes already taken by me:  American History Animation Web Design Art Appreciation Biology Business 101 Comparative Religions Computer Application Communication 101 English 101/102 Marriage and Family Math 85/88/95/115 Microeconomics Physical Geography  Psychology 101 Sociology 101 Spanish 101/102/103/104 U.S Government Video Production  Looking forward to work for you.

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