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. 8+ years of television broadcasting experience; . 14+ years of Internet professional experience (Internetworking, systems administration and Web publishing) with a broad porfolio of interactive media work; . 17+ years of experience as a professional writer with several scripts for TV, content research and newspaper articles published. Author of two technical books: "E-Learning em Portugal" (FCA, 2001, ISBN:972-722-260-9) and "Apresentador de TV" (Lidel, 2004, ISBN:972-757-332-0).
Historia laboral
Canal Q (Broadcast Media) ////

      The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (Entertainment) ////

      Meio.TV (Broadcast Media) ////
Broadcast and TV production news, jobs, professional recognition, knowledge sharing and networking for television professionals in Portuguese-speaking markets.

      International TV Professionals (Broadcast Media) ////

      Quem.TV (Staffing and Recruiting) ////
The portuguese directory of television professionals was launched on September, 21th, the World Television Day (2003).

      REACT-LP (Nonprofit Organization Management) ////
Empowering Portuguese-speaking TV worldwide. "Rede de Estímulo às Artes e Ciências Televisivas em Língua Portuguesa" associates broadcasters and independent producers for glocal co-productions by the following best practices: creativity stimulation techniques, sharing innovation chains and content research values such as think globally, act locally. We flow with newcomers ideas focused on unified market for Portuguese-language programming. REACT-LP also provides syndication feeds to local affiliates, free delivery of advertisements (PSA) & real-time digital input signal distribution to interactive cross-platforms with multiple sources of viewer-generated feedback.

Broadcast Media// - from 1/2011//

    TV Zimbo (Broadcast Media) // - from 11/2009//
TV Zimbo was the first private television station in Angola.

    InterNations Luanda (Philanthropy) // - from 10/2009//

    Valentim de Carvalho Televisão (Broadcast Media) // - from 11/2008//
Working for TV Zimbo.

    InterNations Lisboa (Philanthropy) // - from 8/2008//

    Skylight, NPE (Broadcast Media) // - from 7/2008//
«As Tardes da Júlia», live daytime talkshow for TVI.

    Enciclopédia Imagética (Writing and Editing) // - from 11/2006//
"Imagética" started the portuguese encyclopedia for professionals involved in television production, creative broadcast design, visual compositing, cinematography, theatre, photography, plastic arts, digital video effects, computer graphics animation, 3D films, cinematics, optical illusions, AV entertainment, virtual reality, P2P communication, human-computer interaction, media studies and literature associated with motion pictures and mental images. "Imagética" Encyclopedia was launched on September, 21th, the World Television Day. It was available online at and now is integrated on Meio.TV and

    Guia do Profissional de Televisão (Human Resources) // - from 10/2006//
"Guia do Profissional de Televisão" was the first professional guide for television professionals in portuguese language. It included a multi-level approach, profile advising based on good practices, a meta-tool for social networking, valuable information and goodies about structuring career paths. The "Guia" was launched on September, 21th, the World Television Day and was updated online at Meio.TV.

    Medialuso (Media Production) // - from 9/2006//
«A Canção da Minha Vida», prime-time TV format for RTP.

    take a look® (Media Production) // - from 4/2006//
Interactive community-based TV format "ask my network" [pre-production, 2012.12.20 milestone]

    Comunicasom (Media Production) // - from 3/2006//
Work as a reporter and computer graphics artist of the portuguese daily live entertainment television shows: "SIC 10 Horas" (morning) hosted by Fátima Lopes; "Às 2 por 3" (afternoon) hosted by José Figueiras; "Fátima" (morning) hosted by Fátima Lopes; "Contacto" (afternoon) hosted by Rita Ferro Rodrigues, Nuno Graciano and Cláudia Semedo; "Boca a Boca" (saturday, late night talk-show) hosted by Carlos Moura; all of them broadcasted by SIC and SIC International. Work as broadcast designer / computer graphics artist of the shows: - "Etnias", weekly live-on-tape magazine about ethnical issues; - All-day live shows like "SIC 12 Anos"; - Saturday primetime live special shows "O Preço da Fama" and "O Terceiro Sexo".

    Business Academy - Formação, Lda (Professional Training & Coaching) // - from 4/2005//

    The Baptista-Bastos virtual museum (Museums and Institutions) // - from 1/2005//
The Baptista-Bastos virtual museum is a museum of the written word, of emotions that have been experienced and spoken. It is a museum with people who have learned without having been taught. Rather than deeds, one can sample the passion of men and women who have achieved glory through portraying the collective, keeping memory alive, dignifying the past, the sum of our existence. In permanent exhibits and narratives, this museum will present timeless portraits of society, documented in thematic displays of universal interest. This museum is offered as a homage to Baptista-Bastos on the day of his 70th birthday so that his spirit may convey to others just what it means to be Portuguese. ( ) ( )

    CulturAlgarve® (Online Media) // - from 8/2004//

    CETV - Centro de Estudos de Televisão (Public Relations and Communications) // - from 7/2004//
CETV was the Television Studies Centre of Emídio Rangel at the Portuguese "Independente" University.

    AlgarveDiário® (Online Media) // - from 7/2004// (Online Media) // - from 7/2004//

    DestinUs - Universidade Independente (Broadcast Media) // - from 5/2004//
DestinUs, a TV magazine about portuguese universities (6x25'), was an idea of Emídio Rangel, produced by Conceição Garcia, directed by Teotónio Bernardo and hosted by Mónica Jardim and Bruno Ferreira. José Machado was one of the reporters. The scenario of the show was filmed on the university studio Stage 1 and was broadcasted several times by "2:", the second portuguese public channel,

    Comunicação e Aprendizagem via Internet e interactividade televisiva - Unipessoal, Lda. (E-Learning) // - from 2/2004//

    I Bienal de Poesia de Silves (Entertainment) // - from 4/2003//
Poetry event hosted by Câmara Municipal de Silves.

    Global Estratégias (Professional Training & Coaching) // - from 3/2003//
E-Learning in Portugal - professional conferences.

    Associação SOL (Fund-Raising) // - from 12/2002//
Poetry event at Teatro Há-de-ver in Lisbon.

    Novabase, SAF - Sistemas Avançados de Formação, SA (Information Technology and Services) // - from 4/2002//

    WhatEverNet Computing - Sistemas de Informação em Rede, SA (Computer Networking) // - from 12/2001//

    "Região Sul" weekly newspaper (Newspapers) // - from 12/2001//
José Machado wrote about "the Web site of the week", technology parks and the Communication and Information Society.

    Algarve Digital - Associação de Redes e Conteúdos (Think Tanks) // - from 11/2001//

    2020 Multimedia (Marketing and Advertising) // - from 9/2001// (Internet) // - from 9/2001//
The first electronic postcards' website in Portuguese.

    Clix (Internet) // - from 11/2000//
José Machado was the first technician working on Sonaecom's horizontal portal -

    IP Global - Novis Telecom (Telecommunications) // - from 11/2000//
From the good work that I've made in Faro, I was invited to work in headquarters in Lisbon at the Network Operations Center of IP Network that started with a local infrastructure and grow to a national broadband network of IP Global - Informática e Telecomunicações, SA. The Sonaecom buyed IP Global and merged the company with SRD - Sonae Redes de Dados and, as result of that fusion, borned Novis Telecom. startup (Online Media) // - from 11/1998//
José Machado, 17 years old, started a one small Web page of hyperlinks that had changed his life forever. That page contained links to the pages in english about the Algarve, the southermost region of Europe. All that sites, no more than 10, was hosted outside Portugal and was made by foreign tourists. The hyperlink list start to grow and he go futher, studing at school and, on spare time, learn Perl programming language to create a regional index system. Two years later AlgarVio search engine was born. Two years later there was 9,000 Web pages indexed and most of them was under the portuguese TLD (.pt). The AlgarVio project ended when it was included on the network to provide more cataloging resources and a reciprocal human-edited directory.

    Algarvenet - Telecomunicações e Informática, Lda (Internet) // - from 6/1998//

    Using the Internet training course (Professional Training & Coaching) // - from 12/1997//
As a Subject Matter Expert regarding the Internet, José Machado has created a practical course to teach all age users with a complete hands-on approach and a broad coverage of the matter.

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