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Nicolas B.

CTO & Co-founder at 404, Senior Software Developer

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I am a very curious person who is interested in a lot of subjects: software development, technology, productivity, philosophy, math, astronomy, music theory, piano, history, economics, politics, among others.

Love coding. I have programmed for 20 years, 15 professionally.
I'm fluent in C#, PHP, Java, Objective-C, C++, Javascript, Ruby, Smalltalk, Actionscript3. I do pretty well in C, Python, Perl, Visual Basic, Assembler and Haskell.

My strengths are: detail-oriented, business-minded, passion for writing clean elegant high-quality code, get things done, embrace change, adapt to new contexts, product-focus, results-oriented, always-learning, strong professional background, agile methodologies practitioner.

I have a wide experience programming in all kinds of platforms: web, mobile, desktop, games, facebook, apis, client / server, industrial devices.

I have a solid experience on teams building, project management and also coordinated a software production department.

I love teaching and have dictated several courses.

I worked with many technologies and methodologies:

• Web: .NET (ASP.NET MVC, Web Forms, NHibernate), PHP (Symfony, Silex, Laravel), Actionscript3, Flex, Java (Struts, Hibernate), Web Services, REST, JQuery, Angular, Backbone, SEO, Facebook
Apps, Social Apis.

• Mobile: Android Native, iOS Native, Hybrid HTML5 Apps

• Games: Cocos2dx, Box2d, Andengine, Actionscript.

• Windows: WinForms, WPF, WCF, MFC, DirectX, COM / COM+, Windows Services.

• Software Engineering: Project Management, Agile Methodologies, UML, ER Modeling, Software Architecture & Design,  Design Patterns, TDD, BDD,  Unit Testing, Acceptance Testing, Load Testing, Domain Driven Design, Configuration Management (SVN, GIT, Continuous Integration Server, Automatic Deployment).

• Databases: SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Redis, LDAP, Sqlite.

• Others: TextMining (Web Crawling, Content Extraction, NLP, PoS Tagging, Chunking), MatLab, Linux, Apache, Tomcat, IIS.
Historia laboral
* 404 Web & Mobile Development: I have co-founded 404 with Andres Sanchez Gomez.
We both shared the vision that there was a lack of software development studios in the Argentinian market which focus on new technologies and high quality products (from usability to code).
Mixing Andres outstanding commercial and project management skills with my software development experience we created a team of senior professionals trained to produce great products.

We focus on web, mobile and games development with a special preference for startups (from product conception to deployment).

* Avatar: I was in charge of the development department.

Some of the many projects i've done in my second period at Avatar:
• Agile methodologies training & implementation (Scrum & XP).
• Creation & conception of Avatar Labs. Research & proof of concept development in Flash, social APIs, game development, 3D, augmented reality, Facebook applications development, etc.
• Business metrics, stats & reports analysis.
• Lead production department internal process & workflow definition project.
• Creation, conception & training of the project management department.
• MVC framework development for Flash full-site & standalone applications in ActionScript 3.0 and Flex.
• Contest-engine development for Disney in .NET and ActionScript 3
• Company bug-tracking & task management tool development in ASP.NET MVC 2, NHibernate and C# 4.0.
• Company work orders management tool development in ASP.NET MVC and C# 3.0.
• Crawling and textmining service development in C# 3.5 for internal use in the buzz monitoring department.
• Participated in creative proposals.
• Internal training in design patterns, OOP, TDD, .NET, ActionScript 3, software engineering and project management tools & practices.
• Training sales & account managers in web technologies & software construction process.
• Flash project development for Disney in ActionScript 3: Sorcerer’s Apprentice Contest, Toy Story 3 Contest, Digimon Bejeweled game, Dish Cleaner game for Friend for a Change, Tinkerbell to the Rescue Website, Halloween 2010, Adermicina Contest, etc
• LightPainting application development for Movimiento Glade Campaign in Actionscript 3.0, ASP.NET MVC 2 and Facebook API.
• Coca Cola Visitas a Plantas web site development in Java, Struts, Hibernate and Oracle.
• Recreo Personal social network contest development in PHP 5 and Oracle.
• Directly involved in projects for Coca Cola, Disney, Tigo, Whirlpool, Greenpeace, Arnet, Club La Nacion, Turner, Sherwin Williams, Banco Ciudad and Banco Nacion Argentina, among others.

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