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- Expert knowledge of CSS, JavaScript and DOM
- Extensive experience with AJAX, JavaScript libraries, React and Angular
- Solid understanding of MVC
- Experience writing non-blocking code, and advanced techniques such as multi-threading
- Experience architecting / developing web applications using JavaScript Frameworks, Web services and JSON data contracts.
- Contribute across all facets of project lifecycles (design, implementation, testing, tooling and deployment).
- Help maintain and contribute to coding standards and processes.
- Leverage experience to provide peer leadership and recommend best practices for project implementations.
- Experience architecting/leading projects with JavaScript Frameworks (reactjs, angular1/2, backbonejs, vuejs, knockout, Aurelia)
- Work closely with colleagues in a collaborative, agile focused environment to accomplish projects.
- Easily adapts and learns new things whether it’s a new library, framework, process or a visual design concept
Historia laboral
Career History

Globant, Lima, Perú    Jan. 2016 – Present
Senior Web UI Engineer
Currently participating in the organization of a Tech Talk event in Globant Lima Site
Actually working on Intellify project, I am in develop of its workbench dashboard which manages registries(streams), actually I am using these technologies: Webpack2, React, Redux, Babel ES6, Bootstrap3.
Worked on project, which is mainly a portal for buying and selling new and used cars, built using Angular 1.5 and Hapi.js. I have the responsibility of maintenance and implementation of new features of Dealer Modules at customer’s request.
Worked on GearLaunch Dashboard project, the project released its MVP, basically GearLaunch is a portal for pre-order custom t-shits with personalized design. GearLaunch is using the following stack: Angular2, TypeScript2, Webpack2, Bootstrap3 as main tools.
Worked on eCommerce project for the client AEPEnergy. He developt an end-to-end architecture for such project together with whole team and mainly focused in WebUI Team, he used technologies as: Angular2, web pack and typescript mainly, that project is focused in a platform based in catch potential new client that may want electrical and gas service
Worked on the Billing redesign project for the client AEPEnergy. He applied his expertise using technologies such as: Less, Gulp, Handlebars.js and D3j.js mainly also using common Front-End technologies as: HTML5 & CSS3 & JavaScript, Billing redesign was a project focused in deliver a new experience in the visualization of monthy invoices for the final user using latest frontend technologies, all these must be visualized on web browser

Tata Consultancy Services, Lima, Perú    Mar. 2015 – Dec. 2015
Senior Web UI Engineer
Development and arquitecture of the frontend layer
BCP-WEB-CORE Framework, JavaScript based.

Blend Work Studio, Lima, Perú    Aug. 2013 – Feb. 2015
Senior Front-end Back-end Developer
Custom CMS framework PHP Based
JQuery custom plugins: sliders, popups, accordions, etc.
Web projects based in end-to-end custom framework

Compunet, Lima, Perú    Jan. 2013 – Jul. 2013
Senior Microsoft Specialist
Websites using jQuery, HTML5, CSS3 in frontend layer, PHP and MySQL in backend layer

Ministerio de Educación, Tarma, Perú    Jan. 2009 – Dec. 2012
Web Analyst
Frontend layer development using JavaScript and jQuery
Analysis and continuous improvement of the software backend .NET SIAGIE

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