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Hi there I'am José Manuel.

I'm a Computer Scientist with specializations in Networking Technologies and Distributed / Parallel Systems.

I got 10 years of experience in multiple areas, when I was studying worked like System Administrator for Unix-like environments such as Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, HP-UX and AIX; Also for all that I got certifications from ISEIT and LPI and became a Linux Official Instructor.

Since 2009 with my fellows we started developing mobile applications and we discover the Android Project, since that day I develope Android Applications using the Android SDK and NDK, like to work with the native environment, also I tested platforms like Phonegap, Cordova and Ionic, but they make apps run really slowly and that is something we don't want in our phone. Right now, I've been working with Augmented Reality and Beacons.

I've been working also as Back-end Developer using programming languagues such as: Perl, Python, C, C++, Shellscript. Right now I testing Node.Js with MongoDB and Angular. Also, I worked with MySQL and PostgreSQL, mainly with PostGIS for Geoinformation; Using Mapbox, Mapserver, OpenLayers.

As Web Developer like everyone, I used PHP, Java (JSP) and right now I'm learning Ruby on Rails and DJango (Python).

Started my carreer like Graphic Designer four years ago, starting with Open Source Software like Gimp and Inkscape, then tried Video Editing Software like Natron and Lightworks, but nothing compares to the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.

Right now I work with the Adobe CC 2017 mainly with Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Auditions.

I believe that all projects are usefull and everyone is a important piece, if you don't play for the team, you're wrong; Together we are strong. Every team show their power and creativity with good planning and lovely environments.

Like The Beatles said, "All you need is Love".
Historia laboral
Coordinator of Knowledge Management and Research | CANTV
October 2016 - Present
Create new protocols, politics and methods for building alliances with the universities in Venezuela. Building new products and prototypes for achieve alternatives of new economics incomings for the institution. Working with trends around the technology environment. Research in cloud computing, mobile applications, data analitycs and social media strategies for increase the bonding between the clients and the institution.
Creative Director | Taksio Inc.
September 2016 - July 2017
Implement the user interface and user experience using Sketchapp and Adobe XD for the mobile applications Taksio Rider,Taksio Driver, Taksio Landing Page and Taksio Web Register; Also, development of the designs using Android Studio and Android SDK. Create content for social media strategies to promote the product using the entire Adobe Suite, mainly using Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects and Auditions.
User Interface and User Experience Designer | RedBird Technologies
June 2016 - July 2017
Implement the user interface and user experience model using Sketchapp and Adobe XD, improving the old design of the mobile application RedBird Tracker and RedBird Bike; Also, improving the old web design of RedBirdinCloud.
Senior Android Developer | Valsto Network Inc.
January 2016 - February 2017
Implement a mobile application for Android OS. Project was a start-up for building a e-wallet platform like PayPal. Working with Google Material Design for the user interface with Sketchapp and Adobe XD. Working with SpongyCastle for building secure communications between the mobile and the platform. Using SMS validation with Twilio. Using push notifications with Firebase. Consuming web services using HttpUrlConnection and HttpsUrlConnection. Working with SQLite and SharedPreferences.
Lead IT System Projects | CANTV
July 2015 - October 2016
Implement a version control system using Git and GitLab. Implement a Android Application for the International Festival Theater of Caracas. Consultant for new strategies, mainly for new methods of recruiting personal. Making a strategic plan for achieve aliances with the universities in Venezuela.
Columnist | Desde La Plaza
April 2015 - July 2017
Columnist in the digital journal "Desde La Plaza" responsible for Technologies Articles, trends and tutorials.

Lead of Information Technologies | CANTV
August 2012 - July 2015
Development for create a queue process in C and C++ languages. Research, monitoring and optimization of SQL queries. Implement Nagios for monitoring all the servers of the gerency, connecting all the computers, routers, wireless routes, printers and make a system for make warnings throught SMS. Web development using Yii Framework PHP. Script development for parsing and convert SAP reports using Perl language. Implement OpenVPN service. Implement a PKI platform using OpenSSL.
Strategic Planning Consultant | CANTV
December 2010 - September 2012
Development an mobile application for Android OS, about real time communication between users, similar to Whatsapp and ChatON of Samsung Electronics. Working with virtualization technologies like LXC and Xen. Research in technologies for acelerate the cloning proccess of the computers for the entire organization. Working with BuildBot and make adaptations to it, for automatize the generations proccess of the Linux Distribution Canaima.
Operating System Consultant | Universidad Central de Venezuela
April 2010 - July 2010
Sysadmin for the platform of the University, working mainly with OS like Debian, Ubuntu, AIX and HPUX. Implement and monitoring services like e-mail, openvpn, apache. Working with the Hyper-V technology of Microsoft. Implement Nagios for all the server's of the IT Direction. Implement a pilot of OpenFire for XMPP services.
Instructor | ISEIT / LPI Institute
July 2009 - January 2012
GNU/Linux instructor for educate possible candidates to achieve the system administrator role in their institutions; Mainly in the areas of user support, user experience, networking and security.
Internship | CANTV
June 2009 - September 2009
Development of an application for automatized the convertion of e-mail formats between Microsoft Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird. Make a pilot for implement OpenLDAP for the entire organization, mainly for migrated the Microsoft Active Directory.

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