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"Energy and Creativity synthesize Mari as a coach. I never thought to hire a coach until I met her. (...) She proposed one session of her coaching program and I was hooked since then. Results were fantastic so far." Andres Berte, podcast editor, digital coordinator.

*Career Coach. Former Digital Nomad. Meditation & Writing enthusiast. Work Futurist. Connecting, Learning & Sharing.

*Founder of Maxi Career Coaching and Exciting Careers Podcast.  A certified international Career Coach with a strong entrepreneurial and commercial background, working with individuals as well as Fortune 500 companies. Has taught, trained and coached hundreds of professionals from all over the world. As a digital nomad, has lived in seven countries enjoying the freedom of being digital. Breaking rules for a healthier work future. Constant Learner.

Contact me if you're looking for:

Career Transition & Linkedin strategy
How to Start a Digital Business (as a Digital Nomad, or not)
Networking and Connecting the right people
Learning & Sharing (podcasting, blogging, writing, social media)
How to get a new (even remote) job
High Performance Tools (meditation, writing, physical exercise and many other apps)
Public Speaking

* Note - if we've never met, please let me know in your connection request why you want to connect or I won't be able to add you
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* Maxi Career Coaching (Professional Training): Mobility, Freedom and Results. That’s what Maxi stands for.
Our mission is to help our clients and their communities discover their values and reach their goals.

Mobilidade, Liberdade e Resultados. Isso é o que Maxi representa.
Nossa missão é ajudar nossos clientes e suas comunidades a descobrirem os seus valores e alcançarem os seus objetivos.

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