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"Most space cadets, facing the sudden appearance of a black hole in their traced route, will desperate over the promise of meeting certain death inside its gravitational singularity. What they fail to realize is, given the proper black hole angular momentum and spaceship's path configuration, the singularity can be properly avoid and a wormhole leading to a different space-time point can be crossed. It's up to the pilot to face the uncertainty of such a journey in a positive, upbeat way instead of avoiding the exploration of exciting new worlds and new civilizations by paralysis caused by fear of the unknown."_ - Hyperspace Navigation, Cosmic Topological Defects, Alien Diplomacy and All That - Rookie Edition
Historia laboral
* Freelancer writing and editing of articles, short stories and other literary works.

* English Teacher at Wizard [from 2013 to current]

* Eletronuclear (Oil & Energy) [from 10/2012]: Probabilistic Safety Analyst

* UNESP (Higher Education) [from 9/2010]: Library Technician

* Self Employed (Consumer Services) [from 12/2009]: Several Computer related services performed to home users and small companies, like computer maintenance, windows installation and configuration, small scale websites, installation and configuration of specific software related to companies business, etc..
I also had experience in developing a Surveillance and Automatize System based in Programmable Logical Controllers and a Human Machine Interface targeted at boats, ships and other personal sea vehicles.

* Escola Alianca (Higher Education) [from 2/2007]: "Radiations Physics" and "Radiation Hygiene and Protection" classes ministration in a radiology technical course.

* Self Employed Private Teacher (Education Management) [from 8/2006]: From High school going through my Physics under graduation course I had ministered private classes on a wide range of topics including but not limited to physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology to both colleagues and paying clients.

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