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I have a great passion for Programming and Web Development, I always think that with programming you can create programs as far as our imagination can take us, that is useful or helps people in their lives. From a web application, to applications on the desktop.

I am constantly updating new technologies, I am available to help you with new projects that you have in mind.

1. Experience in Gnu / Linux systems approx. 2 years:
_ Kali Linux
_ Fedora
_ Ubuntu.

2. Tools and services:
_ Apache

4. Programming knowledge in the following languages:
_ Python
_ CSS3
_ JavaScript.

5. Management of the following frameworks:
_ Bootstrap
_ Jquery
_ Angular
_ React
_ Electron
_ Django

6. Management of the following CMS:
_ WordPress

7. Basic knowledge in:
_ Swift
_C ++
Historia laboral
He estado trabajando por mi cuenta los últimos meses del 2017, durante este tiempo he aprendido hacer sitios web no tan grandes pero sin duda importantes. Desde el principio he hecho sitios de manera estática y después usando la interactividad que da JavaScript.

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