A dónde vayas ve con todo tu corazón-Confucius.

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Redacción y Traducción

Sobre mí
Soy coach de vida de profesión, apasionada del desarrollo personal, viajes, bienestar, salud y Seminarios de coaching.  Me gusta que la pasión se traduzca en los textos y en los vídeos. Con la voz y la letra todo es posible.
Historia laboral
Purpose. Develop a successful career educating and empowering people to improve themselves and their health, but more important to be more conscious about it.  To help people to discover her truth potential by realizing that the abilities are within them if they took the chance to see it.

Bachelor degree as Pharmaceutical Biochemist and Life Coaching Practice.

(December 2016- Currently) Coaching practice and Wellness and Health promoter
Help people to achieve a better quality in life starting for being aware of their thinking patterns. And regarding wellness and health to empower people to become a healthier version of themselves and to be more energized every single day.
    Coaching
    Networking
    Online marketing
    Sales
    Public speaking , videomarketing and journaling.

(April 2016- December 2016) Independent projects and Caregiver.
Independent projects such as journaling and blogging, learning personal development and assisting to seminars that really lead me to have a better understanding while I was a caregiver, but also lead me into educating people and helping them.

    Online
    Networking
    Writing Skills at my journal

(April 2015-April 2016)  Allianz Insurance Business
One of the most important things that I learned from this industry was my Finances, before that of course I have heart of it. But it was until then when I realized how the information such as personal finances can change completely your future. I specialized in saving plans and investments plans.

    Networking
    Team work
    Sales
    Financial studies

(March 2013-    August 2015) VeMMA Nutrition Company
It was my first experienced as a promoter for a Health and Wellness Industry, where one of the most important things was to learn communication and leadership. But also learning skills such as sales and understanding people’s needs.
    Leadership
    Teamwork
    Communications skills
    Networking
    Seminars
    Sales
    Writting skills
    Public Speaking

(July 2011-August 2013) PFIZER S.A. de C.V.
In this position I was as an administrative assistant and a Safety data manager where I analyze adverse events and I managed the information so we could report it to Health Authority. In this position I have to work closely with departments such as:  Clinical department (Because their sites reported adverse events), quality control, Medical Information, Regulatory Affairs. It was a challenging position because also it was the first time I started in public speaking training human resources and sales representatives, but also networking with our colleagues.
    Safety data manager  and Administrative Assistant
    Adverse events reports
    Data management
    Analyze information
    Seminars and trainings to human resources
    Public speaking
    Multitasking
    Have the department agenda
    Schedule events
    Managing the costs of the department
    Check contracts with legal department

(January 2010- July 2010) BECTON DICKINSON DE MÉXICO
I made an internship in Medical Devices, where the most important things I could learned from it was to translate data, but also know the regulations to develop Medical devices.
    Regulatory affairs internship
    Data translation

(August 2009- December 2011) TUTOR
I tutor in math especially algebra, chemistry (organic and inorganic chemistry) and physics (fundamentals).

Professional profile

    Leadership
    Public speaking
    Fluent in english and spanish
    Self-disciplined
    Sales, custumer service
    Teamwork
    Multitasking

    English    TOEFL 563
    French  DELF A2  y DELF B1
    Microsoft Office ( Word, Excel, Power Point)
    Internet Explorer.
    Social media

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