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Ionic Cordova 9 - Correção de um pequeno bug

Freelancer EasyChurch A. EasyChurch A. Last month

"Excelente! Rápido e objetivo na execução do que foi pedido. "

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About me
I am a passionate developer who has passions and pride in the work that I am working on.
I cherish all my work because there is your trust for me.
I think the fruitage that human reaps is the result of his effort.
Work history
Client Address - Autralia
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Dates Worked : August 2018- Jan 2019
Job Title : Software developer
Project Name : Live Casino
Project Link  :

Dates Worked : March 2020 - November 2020
Job Title : Software developer with team
Project Name : Online Car site
Client Address - US
Project Link :

Dates Worked : Feb 2020 - Mar 2020
Project Name : Online Tutors
Project Link :
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