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I'm a self-taught Engineer in Computer Science. I'm Web Developer who is learning stuff every day. I work as a Front-End Web Developer but I have knowledge as a Back-End Web Developer. I work with a huge responsability as my principle and I know how to solve problems in different ways. I am a very respectful person, I follow "the values" and I think they are a very huge matter in every society around the world, because people have to communicate each other and if they work together with peace and harmony, they must succeed!

On the other hand, I work with this skills and no matter what happens I go forward to beat any trouble is in my way, doing my best without any envy as other people do. Least but not last, I like, enjoy and love my career and my work, so it is obvious that I don't have any problem learning other new things, new technologies to work with.
Historia laboral
Data Security
junio de 2011 – septiembre de 2011 (4 meses) Andrés Bello
I worked with Canaima and Ubuntu Operating Systems to install a FingerPrint Reader to connect it with a database from Data Security's Deparment.

Web Admin
junio de 2011 – mayo de 2015 (4 años) Dos Caminos
I designed templates with HTML and CSS to create examples for a web page.

Quality Assurance
septiembre de 2015 – octubre de 2015 (2 meses) Las Mercedes
Took care about Wuelto's website funcionality by testing every part of the website. I had to do a lot different tests with login, registry, checkout, etc and try to find any bug on the web page.

Web Developer
septiembre de 2015 – marzo de 2016 (7 meses) Las Mercedes
I developed on Wuelto's website using several Programming Languages like PHP, JavaScript, jQuery and other like HTML, HTML5, CSS3, with Frameworks such as, Bootstrap and CakePHP. My job there was develop and try to fix any webpage's bugs in any different subjects, such as, checkout, layout, apply good practices and clean the code, fix programming logic, apply CakePHP tools, modify style sheets to fix problems with Bootstrap styles, etc. I worked using GIT to upload and modify changes on the code.

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