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Sobre mí
I am a journalist, a photographer and an International Relations and African Studies master graduated at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
During my entire career as a Journalist, I have always strived to stay close to the tangible world, the world of ideas turned into good practices and initiatives. That is why I always try to be on the field, reporting from the outside world where the stories are.
At one point this mindset drove my attention to Western Sahara, a region where a forgotten conflict has been developing for more than 30 years, and where no other Brazilian journalist had been before. This unique experience gave birth to the project Neither peace nor war: Three decades of conflict in Western Sahara ( that culminated in the publication of a book and a multimedia documentary in Brazil.
Throughout this project I became even more involved with issues related to human rights, poverty, conflicts, immigration and other contemporary problems that are severely evident in developing countries.
I could turn this learning experience into practice in two more opportunities: first, when I was invited to collaborate with a book about immigration in Italy (Forbidden Entrance: stories of immigration in Lampedusa Island) that was published in Brazil; secondly, when I started to work in the communication department of Paz con Dignidad, a non-governmental Spanish organization. Currently I am part of its editorial counsel and make collaborations as a journalist and researcher.
Historia laboral
* Editora Tres (Writing and Editing): Redação de notas e reportagens para revista semanal de atualidades.

* Editora Saraiva (Publishing) [desde 8/2011]

* BVP (Media Production) [desde 6/2011]

* Revista Pueblos (Writing and Editing) [desde 11/2010]: Redação de artigos sobre economia, cooperação, direitos humanos e desenvolvimento na África e América Latina. Edição da revista impressa e da página web. Fotografia e diagramação de materiais didáticos e académicos.

* Rede Record (Broadcast Media) [desde 3/2010]: Edição de vídeo e auxiliar de produção do programa “Mais Brasil”.

* Sat & Set (Education Management) [desde 12/2009]

* Toledo Comunicação (Marketing and Advertising) [desde 12/2009]: Redação e revisão de textos publicitários e institucionais.

* Revista Estudos em Jornalismo e Mídoa (Research) [desde 12/2008]: Edição da revista acadêmica, contato com autores, atualização do site e edição dos artigos. Programa de Mestrado em Jornalismo da Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina.

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