Pablo A.

Software Architect

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Programación y Tecnología

Sobre mí
Goal: To lead large and challenging projects that can have an impact on the world or the market.

- Over 20 years of experience in developing and supervising IT and development teams for Microsoft technologies– for development and IT. Learning and team development oriented.
- Highly goal oriented, with love for architecture, development, IT and security good practices.
- Agile and traditional development experience, for both large & small projects
Historia laboral
* ITX: - Led the architectural design, development and maintenance for large web systems for USA clients, using .NET technologies.

- I’ve been part of the company’s processes and practices definitions, which looked to improve efficiency and profit across the board.

- Continuously developed my team’s skills (nobody wins this game alone).

- While I do like Architecture and Tech Lead, stay coding in the projects you lead is a good practices I want to keep as much as possible.

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