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I am a professional who seeks first have clear understanding of business needs and believes that before any solution is necessary to know what really needs to be done so that the results generated are indeed relevant and successful.

The nature of my degree course and my over20 years of experience in Information Technology projects have prepared me for some positions. I am able to take on the responsibility immediately, and have the enthusiasm and determination to ensure that I make a success of it.

Commitment, leadership, teamwork, intelligence, logical reasoning and creativity are my qualities to find simple and effective solutions in business benefit. However, my best skill is to know work the information very well and consistently. I can query, integrate, store, transform, update and make available all kindof information with high technology and intelligence. I am sure that this  is relevant for any team.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this application and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Yours sincerely
Historia laboral
    Indra Company (Spanish multinational)

Period: Since September/2015.
Role: Senior System Engineer.

Leadership and coordination.
Responsible for Information Technology solutions to MIS (Management Information System).

    Rio Tecnologia (Micro enterprise located at Rio de Janeiro-BRA)

Period: Since January/2012 to August/2015.
Role: Information Technology and Business Manager.

Since January 2012 I act as Manager of Information Technology and Business.

My main roles in Information Technology were directly responsible as the complete development of a Risk Management software, researching new technologies in Web and Mobile environments, deployment of an Intranet in SharePoint 2013 and the development of a Business Intelligence for Financial Management.

In terms of Business I acted in the negotiations and elaboration of technical and commercial proposals for agriculture and oil and gas companies.

    Oi S.A (Third largest telecommunications company in South America located at Rio de Janeiro-BRA)

Period: January/2011 to December/2011.
Role: Marketing Planning Specialist.

I acted as a team leader in restructuring (Microsoft Business Intelligence) process for generating strategic information to the Department of Marketing.

Investment in quality, search for new technologies and knowledge transfer to the team were my strengths.

    Oi S.A (Third largest telecommunications company in South America located at Rio de Janeiro-BRA)

Period: May/2009 to December/2010.
Role: Information Technology Specialist.

I was responsible and acted decisively with my strong Information Technology and Information Security knowledges in the following activities:

o    Creating a dashboard for monitoring calls and generation of various indicators to improve the quality and time response;
o    Creation of consultation and seeking evidence to meet SOX Audit;
o    Creation of the following processes in order to decrease the percentage of existing fraud and also comply with the requirements of SOX Audit:
1.    Identification and mapping of different patterns of existing logins in applications;
2.    Identification and validation (checking for terminated employees) of logins for each application in relation to the active users according to official databases.
3.    Mapping users x profiles in various applications to provide relevant information as the basis for revisions of hits.

    Módulo Security (One of the largest Information Security companies of the Latin America)

Period: July/2004 to April/2009.
Role: Information Security Consultant.

The Information Security Consultant I acted in various business segments, such as: Oil and Gas, Financial Market, Public Safety and Telecommunications.

I participated in projects related to Audit, Policy and Compliance, Database Security, Risk Management, Business Impact Analysis.

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