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Nima P. Translation of website Hace 4 años +
Nima P. Traducción de website de Español a Portugues Hace 4 años +
Federi. Translation to portuguese Hace 4 años +

"Secod time we use Horacio and again he is excelent. The best translator for Portuguese. We will keep working with him"

Federi. Traduccion de sitio web Hace 4 años +

"Excellent job. Horacio completed the translation before the deadline and kept a great communication throughout the process. We will keep working with him. "

Workan. Traducción del español al portugués Hace 4 años +

"Excelente trabajo en tiempo y forma."

Workan. Traducción de Inglés a Portugués Hace 4 años +

"Excelente trabajo. Excelente tiempo de respuesta de los entregables. Altamente recomendable."

Sobre mi
Brazilian licensed lawyer. Partner of Andrei Advogados Associados.

Financing Operations, Banking Law, Corporate Law, Tax Law, Contracts and Litigation proceedings, primarily focused on supporting the clients’ businesses.

We are professionals committed to principles and values that we consider essential to the legal activity, applied in such a manner to help our Clients being more successful in their business.

Ethics - Above all, we value and practice absolutely ethical conducts and correctness in all our activities and, foremost, in the relationship with our Clients.

Commitment to the Client - the Client’s projects and matters are also our projects and matters. We always take the Client’s perspective in our practice.

Discretion - We always act in a discrete fashion in order to safeguard the confidentiality of our Clients and of the projects and matters that are brought to our attention.

Efficiency - We are committed to efficient results, obtained by the best combination of practical solutions and affordable fees.

Personalized Treatment - Prompt, personalized and direct answers.

Combining technical proficiency with over 20 years of practice in various sectors, industries and markets, we add value and efficiency in the development of partnerships with our Clients.


Corporate Law

Civil Law

Commercial Law

Financing Structuring

Foreign Exchange and Banking Law

Public Registries Law

Real Estate Transactions


We are specialized in the anticipation and solution of corporate, financial, commercial and contractual matters that arise in national and international business activities.

Our professionals have extensive legal practice experience and business understanding, striving to deliver swift and efficient results, with the main purpose of helping our Clients succeed in their ventures. We are prepared to deal with most complex legal matters - in which the attention to the attributes and peculiarities of each industry is paramount - and are experienced in mergers & acquisitions, corporate and financial restructuring, start-ups and joint ventures, trade and project finance, securitization, national and international contracts, foreign exchange and international trade, environmental matters, real estate transactions and agribusiness.
Historia laboral
Since Apr. 2010: Andrei Advogados Associados - Sao Paulo - Brazil.
Financing Operations, Banking Law, Corporate Law, Tax Law, Contracts and Litigation proceedings, primarily focused on supporting the clients’ businesses.

Apr. 2009 - Apr. 2010: Attie & Advogados Associados - Sao Paulo - Brazil.
Corporate Law, Tax Law, Contracts and Litigation proceedings.

Nov. 2007 - Nov. 2008: Infinity Bio-Energy Brasil Participações S.A. - Sao Paulo - Brazil.
Corporate Law, Finance, Contracts, Underwriting procedures and assistance to the Parent Company of the Group, a Bermudian Company, including its Board of Directors and transfer of securities on AIM - London.

May 2007 - Jul. 2007: Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr. e Quiroga Advogados - Sao Paulo - Brazil.
Research, draft of reports, support to clients, translations, commercial contracts, protocol of defenses.

Nov. 2006 - May 2007: Whirlpool S.A., Sao Paulo - Brazil
Administrative, Corporate, Real Estate, Intellectual Property and Non-governmental Organizations Law.
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