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Paula R.

Market research, translation, recruiting

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Redacción y Traducción

Sobre mí
Experience in media and brand research; personnel selection and training; manage an event
venue, social and event planning. Have the capacity to define information needs to approach
and develop research. Understand how to analyze problems and its environment. Experience
with alternative methodologies (qualitative and quantitative) execution, information analysis and
presenting recommendations and design of media strategy for different brands
Goal oriented, adaptable to changes, persistent, good at teamwork and conflict resolution,
creative and logic thinker.
Historia laboral
Hacienda San Luis Events
Position: manager
Creation and management of the company, maximizing its utility and productivity. Handling
marketing and publicity. Design, planning and production of social events such as
weddings, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and business events as meetings,
conferences, product launching, courses, end of year parties, etc.
Term. 03/02/04 -Present time
• Juvenia (Victorinox, Celestron, Zippo, Maglite distributors for Colombia)
Position: Freelance personnel selection
Sales and marketing manager selection (interviews, tests, evaluation and reports),
increasing the permanence and performance of personnel in the company.
Term: 1/06/11- 14/08/12
• Sancho/BBDO. Advertising agency.
Position: Brand research assistant.
Quantitative and qualitative research such as group interview, etnography and design,
development of questionnaires, field application, analysis and recommendations. Use of
continuous quantitative research like TGI. Used, created and tested new research
techniques that generated more accurate answers for the managed brands, positive
changes on their products, designs and publicity.
Term: 19/12/01- 02/02/04
• Leo Burnett/ Starcom Colombia. Media and advertising agency
Position. Practitioner psychologist
Support of the media and Brand research.
Participate in the creation of different investigations both qualitative as quantitative: design,
field work, analysis and recommendations, like KIDS 2001 aimed to the strategic and
creative development of accounts targeted for kids (McDonald´s, Kellogg´s, Bimbo and
Davivienda). Use of continuous quantitative studies such as TGI and Explorer III.
Term: 15/01/01- 15/06/01
• Henkel Colombia S.A. (Schwarzkopf). Mass consumption company of cosmetics and
Position. Practitioner psychologist and selection psychologist
Sales and selection manager selection (requisitions, recruitment through a temporary
personnel companies or newspapers), interviews, tests, evaluations, reports and
assessments coordination). Induction coordination and training; they were so pleased with
results that they hired me during my university vacations.
Practitioner term: 4/06/00 – 15/12/00, Temporal 11/12/00- 12/01/01

Claudia Becerra
Market research director
Cellphone 57 314 3592076
Paulina Bustos
Costumer service manager
Telephone 57 1 8626555

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