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EN: A team dedicated to providing IT solutions.
ES: Equipo dedicado a proporcionar Soluciones TI.

EN: We are specialists in Technological Innovations and Solutions. Our focus is in doing high-quality works always on time.
ES: Somos especialistas en Soluciones e Innovaciones Tecnológicas. Nuestro enfoque es hacer trabajos de alta calidad siempre a tiempo.

EN: We have a lot of experience in:
ES: Tenemos gran experiencia en:

Linux Suse Server, Enterprise Server (SLES), Mysql, PostgreSQL, Apache, Git, Samba, Active Directory, Web Services, Android native, Php, Angular, Python, Codeigniter, Laravel, Gambas, C++, Qt, Gtk +, GTKmm, Jquery, Bootstrap, Visual Basic, Jasper reports, HTML,, Javascript, CSS, ,  and others.

EN: Also, We are able to do awesome graphic designs, logos, and effective marketing online.
ES:  Además, somos capaces de hacer impresionantes Diseños Gráficos, Logotipos y eficaz Mercadeo en linea.
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Web development

Mobile App - Wiki - Raspberry
Roompi - Smarthous

SmartRoom represents a complete platform environment that involves developing both hardware and software for the management of an intelligent home ranging from temperature control, lighting control, motion sensors,  camera viewer, among other features. SmartRoom is developed in a wide variety of languages in each level, in the cloud works under the framework CakePHP using the apiREST architecture style, connected the mysql database to a movile application developed in Ionic Framework (android-cordova-angular)
Mobile App - Web App

Goneur - APP
It is a cross-platform application focused on the world of exercise, you can enroll in hundreds of activities organized by certified coaches and gyms, and you can pay easily and safely.

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