Guilherme H.

Software Development Consultant at Cebraspe

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Programación y Tecnología

Sobre mí
- Being an internationally competitive software engineer until 2017. Through professional experience, certifications and specializations.

- Senior Java and mobile web practitioner. Love being challenged by complex data structure problems. Learning is essential to progress and this is part of my personality. I am currently studying mobile web, big data and agile development.

- Motorcycle
- Karate
- Video Games
- Entrepreneurship
- Trading stocks and derivatives

Strengths (book test Strengths Finder - Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton)
- Entrepreneur
- Self confidence
- Apprentice
- Responsible
- Activator (practical)
Historia laboral
* Automasafety: Development an app to analyze the safety of industrial machines, calculating the HRN of the risks and generating reports with the whole study and risks solution. This proprietary app is for tablet and to be used on field. And I am also implementing the agile methodology in the technical crew.

* Cebraspe: Full stack development Javascript to build an exam application.

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