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Academic Transcripts

•    Process Control and Automation (Mechatronics) Engineering at the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná (2007 ) . Thesis: Comparison of 4 forecasting methods (Moving

Average, Holt-Winters with Genetic Algorithm, Brown and Neural Networks) applied in Stock Market.

•    Wintersemmester Fachhoschule Konstanz ( Kostanz - Germany ) . Exchanges conducted by the CAPES / DAAD scholarship with the project UNIBRAL (2006 ) .

Summary of Qualifications :

•    10 years of professional experience in multinational companies (Management positions), using Artificial Intelligence, Big data and Machine Learning to create strategies in order to simplify customer’s life.  Examples:  Neural networks to stabilize a chemical process and reduce cost (auto-pilot for process Industries), New product development in Augmented reality to help Predictive maintenance, Genetic Algorithm to forecast sales.

•    Results in Cost Reduction around $ 8MM USD/Year

•    Project analysis of a new production line and implementation of a KANBAN system, using discrete simulation software In -Plant. Project conducted in Fachhoschule Konstanz (Germany) together with the German company ZF Friedrichshaffen AG,

•    Participation in the implementation of the system CPFR (Collaborative Planning, Forecast and Replenishment) in Cosmetic Industry ;

•    Business development and sales for advanced process control tools in the Company Andritz

Professional Experience :

TGV Coaching. – (Oct/15 -Curent) –Business Coaching and Mentoring applied in 4.0 Industry

Position: Owner

Main responsibilities :

•    In the Business Coaching Process we work with Company´s goal. For example, opening new units, achieving quality to obtain certifications, increase revenues or profits, increase customer base, etc. In this work, as the focus is on a target company and not a person, people who engage in this process are the heads of each business sector, ie the leaders.

•    The mentoring is aimed to prepare young people to work in the Industry 4.0. Thus, more results are delivered (performance increase) in the same time (productivity) with greater harmony among all.

•    I´ve worked as volunteer for people that really need Coaching and do not have conditions to afford it.

Sindus Andritz - ( Sep/14 – Oct/15) - Austrian machine manufacturer , with 24,000 employees and revenues of $ 4 billion

Position: Consultant

Main responsibilities:

•    Responsible for the Process Optimization Projects in several kinds of Industries (Pulp and Paper, Mining, Glass) applying Big Data techniques (Data Mining, etc.) with Advanced Process Control (APC) and Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic) to reduce costs (aprox. $8MM USD/Year ).

•    Business Development to open Mining Markets: Study of the processes and end customization of OPP to supply Aluminum Sheets Mills.

•    Budget control ($ 2MM USD) and new customers prospection.

Klabin SA - ( Sep/12 – Sep/14) - the Brazilian manu facturer of packaging paper, with 10,000 employees and revenues of $ 6 billion

Position: Senior Advanced Process Controls Engineer

Main responsibilities :

•    Entire Mill Processes stabilization (from the Woodyard to Paper machine, Fiberline and Recovery areas) to reduce costs in order of $ 4,000,000.00 USD / year.
• Responsible for the creation/management of the Process Optimization Büro and projects of new systems throughout the manufacturing area. Leading a team of 6 employees.

•    Responsible for new technologies (innovation) applied in Cardboard /Packaging machines

•    Budget control (R$ 1MM).

Andritz 's Brazil LTDA . - ( Dec/10 - Aug/12 ) - Company Austrian machine manufacturer , with 20,000 employees and revenues of $ 4 billion

Position: Automation Project Manager

Main responsibilities :

•    Second international experience, living in Graz - Austria for a period of six months for Managing Automation Project (Eldorado - largest bleached pulp mill in the world). Served as a bridge among Austria, Sweden, Germany, China and Brazil.
•    Simulation of the entire Mill processes using IDEAS, due to reduce Mill startup time.

•    Project Budget control . COMOS Administrator

•    International purchasing materials.

Renault Brazil . - (May/2010 - Dec/2010 ) - French automobile company , with 40,000 employees and sales of $ 20 billion

Title : Full Process Engineer

Main responsibilities :

•    Responsible for the calculations of line balancing , integration between design and production , complete automation of the assembly line and preparing for the same flexibility for new products .

•    Develop interdisciplinary manufacturing engineering and strategic production planning .

Grupo Boticário. - ( Jul / 2009 - May/2010 ) – Brailian Company leader in cosmetics and perfumery, with 6,000 employees and revenues of $ 5,5 billion

Position: Supply Chain Engineer

Main responsibilities:

•    Development improvements in demand forecasting , using computational intelligence and dynamic systems .

•    Main contributor to the implementation of the pilot CPFR (Collaborative Planning , Forecasting and Replenishment ) that integrated the entire network of franchised brand in Brazil.

•    Strong focus in market data analysis.

Andritz 's Brazil LTDA . - ( Aug/08 - Jul/2009 ) - Austrian machine manufacturer , with 20,000 employees and revenues of $ 4 billion

Title : Control and Automation Engineer

Main responsibilities:

• Responsible for the installation and support of Advanced Control systems and dynamic processes Simulation in major Pulp and Paper, Glass and Mining Industries. Create strategy to stabilize the process (using APC and Simulation) and reduce costs to the Customers.

• Support sales manager in new business development (strong point in negotiations).

Formighieri de Sá Investment Company . - ( Mar/07 -Aug/08 ) – Investment company, with 10 employees and revenues of $ 15 million

Role : Consultant

Main responsibilities:

•    Development of quantitative mathematical models (based on artificial intelligence – Genetic Algorithm and Neural Networks) for risk analysis and decision making.

•    Assistance in managing the portfolio of 200 clients

Pollux Automation ( Hahntel S / A) - ( Aug/07 - Mar/08 ) – Systems engineering company, with revenue around $ 10 million and 100 employees .

Title: Application Analyst Jr

Main responsibilities:

•    Responsible for testing and developing computer vision systems, for applications at companies in various segments (auto parts , automotive , pharmaceutical and cosmetics ) .

•    Analyzing customer data to improve quality control systems.

Robert Bosch LTD . - ( June/06 - Mar/07 ) - German auto parts industry , revenue aroud $ 2 billion and 4,000 employees ( Curitiba unit ) .

Position: Trainee

Main responsibilities:

•    Developing activities related to the design of new machines with applied control and automation.

•    Programming of PLC's, HMI 's, PC-based machines and creating web interfaces integrated with SQL database.

•    Control servomechanisms and development of predictive controllers.
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Freelancer Consultant working with Advanced Process Control and Artificial Intelligence for Process Industries

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