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Self-thaught software developer since 2012.
Gnu/Linux sysadmin from 2006 to 2010.
Mostly of my work has been related to Python backend development. Currently i am interested in functional programming, paralellism/concurrency design, unikernels and OS programming. Besides, I am always ready to increase my knowledge in every kind of computer stuff. I even hope someday to be able to understand and modify the Linux kernel.

About myself:
I am self-taught, I have learned to program reading on the Internet, making questions at mailing lists and, of course, programming. Besides, I studied classical music for 14 years. I love Science Fiction, but I also like reading about History and Politics. However, I do feel I have a debt to myself: Mathematics. Since 2017 I have started an algebra course at the National University of La Plata.
Historia laboral
* devsAr (Servicios y tecnología de la información): Mostly Python backend development, learning  frontend skills too. Some technologies i use everyday are: Django, Celery, Redis, MongoDB, Facebook Messenger APIs, NLP services, bots,, PostgreSQL, AWS and Docker.

* Desarrollador Python Freelance

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