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Tengo 25 años en el are de Srvicios Tecnicos, Y Proyectos. Tengo un excelente control del Ingles y puedo corregir textos, revisar planes de negocios y de proyectos.
Historia laboral

NAME:                        Jorge Ernesto Mateus Escobar
PLACE OF BIRTH AND DATE:             Quito, Ecuador, May 11, 1960
ECUADOR LICENSE NO. AND PASPT. NO.:         170561188-5
HOME ADRESS:                     Jaime Salvador OE4-198, Quito.
HOME AND OFFICE PHONE (FAX):             (5934) 2377452
MOBILE PHONE:                     Local in EC: 0998833843
From abroad: (5939) 98833843

PRESENT JOB/ACTIVITIES:     Consulting-project evaluation; independent sales.

UNIVERSITY:                     Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Utilization of
Biomass for Energy generation) from Clemson University, SC, USA, in 1985(3.54/4.00); this was validated in Ecuador ESPOL University, Guayaquil in 1986.
1986; Mechanical Engineering title from
Northern Arizona University, AZ, USA, 1983(3.85/4.00, Magna Cum Laude); important studies in Business
Administration and Operations Management.

SCHOOLING:                     The American School of Quito, 1966 -1978.


1.     NAVIPAC S.A. (now Transfuelgroup): the leading maritime (bunkering) fuel Transportation Company (group of companies) in Ecuador.
1985-1987: Operations.
Most important achievements / or significant projects:
Initiated the development of a preventive management system for the companies 15
vessels at the time; also initiated a project to improve inventory management and
purchasing, in order to optimize the supply chain for all the company and related companies.

2.     IIASA –Caterpillar´s Dealer in Ecuador: 1987-1989, Service Manager in Guayaquil and later in Quito.
Most important achievements / or significant projects:
Participated in the development of maintenance and service programs for customers
and project control; participated in the improvement of the after sales service in Quito
and its area of influence.

3.     LIFE: Pharmaceutical Laboratory that belonged to Dow Chemical Latin America until
1990: 1989-1990, Human Resource Manager.
Most important achievements / or significant projects:
Executed the 1989 salary poll; received training from Dow Chemical LA in the Hay
system for job positioning punctuation and management; Management by Objectives
and Quality Circle management and development.

4.     PRICE WATERHOUSE: 1990-1991, Senior Consultant in the MCS (Management
Consultancy Services) area.
Most important achievements / or significant projects:
Participated in the MCS area in a project that was destined to develop consulting
services in Total Quality, Productivity for companies.

5.     CONFITECA S.A.: 1991-1993: Project Development and Planning Manager.
Most important achievements / or significant projects:
In charge of purchasing and project management and development.
Suggested and participated in the transfer of maintenance functions to the production area;
Started a Continuous improvement program that later was incorporated to a Quality Program in the
company; developed supply agreements with key suppliers that included quality
assurance, cost reduction; adjusted purchasing to near just-in-time conditions and
reduced raw materials inventory levels.

6.     SERVICIOS MARITIMOS SUNAVAL S.A.: 1993-1996, General Manager; a company
(related to Navipac) that supplied diesel and maritime fuels through its own riverfront
maritime terminal and handling of chemical products for Shell y Cepsa, among other
Most important achievements / or significant projects:
I was responsible for the initial steps in the establishment of the company´s business:
developed its personnel infrastructure and improved its physical infrastructure (tanks,
piers, quality and safety standards), technical and commercial services; responsible for
the first diesel imports to the terminal and local sales.

7.     BANCO DEL PROGRESO S.A: 1997-1999: at the time one of the largest and fastest
growing banks in Ecuador;
Most important achievements / or significant projects:
In charge of a re-engineering project whose objective was to improve services in the credit area; Year 2000  Project Manager from September 1998 to June 1999.

8.     LABLINK S.A.: since 1999 until July 2012: owner and manager; consultant;
Consulting Company in Project development in alternative energy and
environmental engineering.
Worked in a project with municipalities in order to produce energy from refuse; unfortunately the initiative was discontinued.

9.     NAVIPAC S.A. since December 2005 to May 2008: Project Department Manager-Project Consultant 2008-2009
Most important achievements / or significant projects:
Initiated and established this new area for Navipac; the company’s objective was to
diversify within areas close to its core business. Additionally since January 2007 was in
charge of the IT and Communications department; From may 2008 to may 2009
participated as a Consultant in the Company´s strategic projects; left the company by
mid year 2009.

10.    Belmont Trading Co. Commercial manager since Nov 2012 to june 2013: company dedicated to electronic recycling.

11.    Currrent activity: project development; independent sales for various industrial companies

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