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Sobre mí
I have had the good fortune to study what I liked the most. That's why I will never stop studying and learning - at least, trying to. Working is just another way to learn.
Historia laboral
2018 - Spotzer | I write contents for the websites of some clients of the agency.
They are mostly small Italian companies which want to advertise themselves and get more customers: a well-written website could help them in doing that.

Writing SEO-oriented copy is telling me one seemingly common thing: writing for those who read and not for search engines in the first place. If people like what they are reading, search engines will do the same.

2017 - 101Caffè | I used to write (both in Italian and in English), shoot and edit short formative videos directed both to the company franchisees and to a public audience.
I also used to take pictures intended for any online and offline advertising. I was not a freelance worker but I used my own equipment, and I tried to use it as best I could.
Working at 101CAFFE' has taught me how to produce a decent work, no matter the means I have, the people I work with or the situation I am in.

We developed two new formats throughout my first year of work: video recipes (just 3 episodes) and short commercials. Both of them contributed to the brand awareness and to increase and monetize the traffic to the website.

2016 | Smith Lumen - I have supported my mentor accounts in their daily tasks:

- getting briefs / debriefs from the client and work with the designers;
- preparing cost estimates and presentations;
- copywriting activity.

During this short but very profitable experience, I learned much about packaging design: how to tell a story with pictures, rather than texts; how a designer works to adapt a creative design to a given and/or limited space, in a very short span of time; how an account has to enhance and promote that design and let the client think: "That's even more than I was expecting!".

Even though I realized that this was not really the job for me, I have to say that the four months I spent at Smith Lumen definitely represented the most worthwhile internship experience I lived.

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