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Sobre mí
Mexican, Punctual, hardworking, goal-oriented, enjoys computer programming. Years of experience programming with C/C++, Java/J2EE, Python, Perl, JavaScript and PHP. Years of experience in API's development, Web development,  Web services, Systems design & Development, Mobile application development, Desktop application development, Database Systems Development (Both SQL and NOSQL technologies).
Historia laboral
Worked as Website Developer/ Web Master
Developed website applications with other Web developers for clients. Used ASP.Net, PHP, Mx Dreamweaver, Mx Fireworks, Mx. Flash, Photoshop, JavaScript
•    KARROX TECHNOLOGIES  -- Feb 2007 – April 2008
Worked as a faculty for KCSP (Karrox Certified Software Professional). KCSP is a 2 Yr Diploma course with combination of both Web Development, Database Development and Software Development courses. I taught SCJP (Sun Certified Java Programmer), SCJD (Sun Certified Java Developer), J2EE,  HTML, Dreamweaver, DHTML, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, MS SQL Sever 2000/2005, C++, C#.Net, XML under KCSP
•    APTECH  TECHNOLOGIES  –  May 2008 - May 2009
Worked as a faculty for ADSE (Advance Diploma Software Engineering) ADSE is a 3 yr Diploma course. With the ADSE Cert. Students further Education into the final year of any I.T related  major courses (or major programs)  at any UK University.
•    Systems programming (FREELANCE)  –  August 2009  until March 2011
Development of software and website projects.
•    MARKETING 911 (Mexico DF) – April 2011 until June 2011
Worked as a Senior Software Developer (with PHP & MySQL, PHP Codigneiter Framework, Ajax & JQuery) on Unilever Project.
•    INEE (Mexico DF) – June 2011 until December 2011
Worked as a Senior Software Developer. (WITH Java/J2EE & JBPM 5.1, PostgreSQL 8)
•    CACHINKO (Mexico DF) - January 2012 until August 2014
Worked as a Senior software developer (With Python, Elastic search, MongoDB, RabbitMQ) in the development of Cachinko facebook Application
•    BANREGIO (San Nicolas) – December 2015 until  Date
Working as a Senior software developer (With Java/J2EE, SQL, SYBASE.)

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