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I am a hardworking and dedicated professional and entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience, and extensive success in sales, business development, public relations and hospitality management. My accomplishments reflect superior business development instincts, strong leadership skills, and a demonstrated commitment to organizational growth. I am recognized as a multifaceted professional who cultivates partnerships and business relationships to maximize results. I demonstrate mastery of sales techniques and strategies for building a strong customer base and systems that facilitate consistent follow-up and foster customer satisfaction.

I possess a track record of successful personnel and brand management in the hospitality industry  whilst ensuring efficient, effective, and profitable operations.  I have directed all aspects of sales management, brand management, and business development to drive impressive revenue streams and steer cost savings. I inspire team members by modeling leadership and responsibility in my commitment to excellence, and have earned the respect and loyalty of my organizational communities.

I am adept at coaching and developing high-performing staff, ensuring succession plans are in place to facilitate continued corporate development and growth. I maintain a strong focus on accuracy and deliver courteous service at all times. Expert at utilizing technical proficiency and keen eye for detail in identifying areas of improvement, streamlining operations, developing and implementing standards, policies, and procedures and reducing costs.
Historia laboral
* DFDCgroup (Professional Training): As a forward-thinking consultancy business,  DFDCgroup specialises in business consultancy and coaching, helping you to Define, Finance, Develop and Commercialise your business.

DFDCgroup proudly provides a marketplace for consultants, corporate companies, and university students alike.

Main Responsibilities:
-    Direct all aspects of business including business development, client services and operations
-    Provide visionary leadership with actionable takeaways to help a company to see and unleash all of its potential
-    Consult individuals with entrepreneurial aspirations to source raw material, calculate production efficiency based on market needs, and identify their target market
-    Work with companies, providing them with a wide range of support and consultancy, to help them to achieve their goals and objectives, and to grow their business
-    Responsible for business strategy, marketing operations, identifying new market opportunities, market research, branding, and business development
-    Direct a team focus on communication, problem solving, and solutions for foreign founders and startups
-    Motivate staff through acknowledgment of hard work, achievements and instilling accountability whist leading by example
-    Supervise, support, and coach 30 high performing team members, and create a caring environment to increase productivity and work place comfort
-    Implement process improvement, enabling companies to scale effectively through rapid growth
-    Identify and execute the standardisation of countless processes from procurement to technology, fulfillment, marketing and analytics across all departments within the company

Always open to new projects and challenges!

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