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I am a computer engineer. I could summarize my personality into this: "Innovate, control costs, reduce losses. Lead people to their maximum potential. Show that it is still possible to do better than what we believed to be the absolute. Sociable, I like the teamwork, I learn fast, I am very creative and very imaginative.
Historia laboral
Completing a mission of developer on behalf of the Start-up Le-Solutionneur, I am currently looking for a new position and it is with great interest that I read your job . Graduate of the National Advanced School of Engineering of Yaoundé (IT option) and backed by 3 years of professional experience, I have come to control many projects and to work on international projects. While it is true that my training at the National Advanced School of Engineering of Yaounde (Cameroon) I acquired many skills from those required for a post of IT Manager, it is especially true that my experience as lead developer allowed me to acquire skills in management, decision making, necessary for the proper performance of duties faithfully in the period while strengthening the team. Regularly faced with the vagaries of the job, I am able to respond to unexpected situations. I own all assets that will allow me to succeed in this role if you offer me this opportunity. Motivation, efficiency, profitability, precision and listening are the hallmarks of my performance. I really find myself excited to make a career with you if you give me the opportunity to prove myself. Regarding my technical skills, I had to lead several IT projects in several companies, including a start-up as lead developer (Le-Solutionneur), on projects such as: www.aemocameroun.org (It is a web platform containing all medical students, a national of west Cameroon, providing a number of features defined by the association, to allow communication of its members on the international level. it included features like an Ajax tchat, an internal messaging system with bar-style Facebook notification, profile management, modules of knowledge and everything that could add tests, as well as specific modules passed on the command members . Everything was done in plain PHP, Ajax, html5 and css3). Another project was www.cetic.cm (Project funded by the World Bank, the distinction here was that I was part of a group of five computer engineers. CETIC (Centre d’Excellence Africaine des TIC) contacted us here put on feet an electronics applications deposit system for this institution, whether using an Excel file as a web registration form. In short, online records of deposits (for training in master, doctorate and post-doctorate) . "No more paperwork" What was successful Franc. Another project was www.koutchoumi.com (this time, working for the company DARTTC, I was alone responsible for migrating an electronic platform for real estate ads to newer technologies. Based on Symfony for business and CSS Foundation layer for responsive design there was also new functionality to achieve. All this demanded some experience with web
technologies, fortunately I owned this experience and that's what earned me the award of this project. Thus I therefore produce www.valid.koutchoumi.com release. And it was a very difficult project, with the most complex features. Another project that I had to lead was www.gozenservice.com (Overall, this is a personal investment platform for the FNE (Fond National de l’Emploi) where employers and employees meet themselves. Featuring all the standard features of such a platform (apply for a job, submit a bid, search ...), technically based on the CMS SPIP for managing the back end). The special feature in this project is that we do subcontracting for MegaSoft business. Another project in this start-up (Le-Solutionneur) was www.suivioperations.zebesstest.cm , as part of an outsourcing company for Zebess. I also worked for the company Msec SARL on a project called MSECFVAS. Dealing with the safety of IS, and other networks, is an automated platform for vulnerability testing. It includes solutions like OpenVAS, Languard etc ... It is really essential today for any serious business to think about the security of its information system when the computer today through computerization replaces manual tasks by automation. Thus exposes a number of company assets. After all this, I gain professionally, but now I hope to make my knowledge in your notable structure. I would also like to mention that I'm bilingual (French and English).

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