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Senior Java/Java2EE software engineer position that can utilize around 11 years of my professional experience with analytical, designing, developing and knowledge in software field, working with different programming languages, experience in all phases of software application development working primarily using Java/J2EE Technologies
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TAE IT, http://www.taeit.com, Huston, TX
Description: Develop application as a Technology Platform Specialist, Design Specialist, and Systems Analyst, developing applications for the area of Workflows, giving technological solutions to user requirements and maintenance to applications and processes of performance, design Documentation, coding in Java, PLSQL Oracle, Shell Script, .NET and Ultimus Workflow 7, 8 and 2016 were used.
•    Involved in development of worldwide sales e-commerce website using Java/J2EE technologies and Spring MVC, Maven, and Hibernate.
•    Responsible for the design, analysis, development and maintenance of the Application using Java, Spring MVC 3, Spring AOP, Hibernate, JPA, DWR 2.5 y 3, Enterprise Architect
•    Design and code web application using Java, Spring, jQuery, jQgrid, Dojo, JSP, JSF, Prime Faces, Oracle PLSQL, Workflow from Ultimus, Shell Script, JSON.
•    Used standard software engineering design patterns and REST to achieve an efficient communication between applications
•    Developed web applications with HTML, CSS, jQuery, Dojo and JavaScript as frontend technologies
•    Develop the UI component architecture for developer framework using jQuery and MockUps.
•    Responsible for the company’s technology direction with a focus on commercialization outcomes.
•    Developed Data Access Objects and performed O/R mapping using Hibernate, JPA and JDBC to access the database.
•    Developed stored procedure, functions, views, triggers, materialized views, index, packages, Java Stored Procedures in Oracle PLSQL optimized querys and process and jobs.
•    Developed core concepts of the app using REST web services and Consumed when required
•    Implemented Spring security to ensure the back-end security by discriminating the role of users as well as access authority for the URLs and Server side assets
•    Using Subversion to support applications code version control and IC.
•    Involved in code review of the team members and implemented best practices.
•    Involved in production support and provided system support for department user base and data analysts.
•    Involved in writing and reviewing user stories.
•    Give performance maintenance to applications and jobs.
•    Develop new stories (For the Babok methodology) for the new features into the application.
•    Additional maintenance is performed to works for performance processes improving their performance, process arguments are in processes with Shell Script (ksh), Oracle and/or Java.
•    Migration of all workflows from the Ultimus 7 and 8 and to Ultimus 2016 as well as the web applications to perform correctly in IE 11 is done.
Environment: Core Java, Java 7/6/5/4, J2EE, Spring framework, Spring MVC, Hibernate, JQuery, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Web services, REST API, SOAP, Oracle, Multi-Threading, Design Patterns, SVN, Tortoise, Apache Maven, jUnit, Html, CSS, XSLT, Ultimus 7, 8.2 and 2016, Prime Faces, Shell Script, POI, iText, JSON, OC4J, WebLogic.

Global HITSS http://www.globalhitss.com/?lang=en, Mexico, DF
Senior Java Developer
Description: Worked throughout the project and involved in raising user requirements, functional and non-functional, for existing and new applications, in addition to this, requirements, design of impact analysis, technical, test matrix, work plan, presentation with user and responsible for promoting and validating the release from product to production, occasionally supporting users, Java EE, Java SE (Swing, AWT), JAX-RCP y JAX-WS, Servlet, JSP, Informix 11, Oracle 11.2g, Shell script, Spring Framework 2.5 and 3.3 and  Hibernate, Maven, Jenkins, Sonar, Subversion.
•    Design and analyst components based in open source technology, using JavaSE, JavaEE, XML/XSL, JMS, Spring, JPA and JDBC.
•    Develop RESTful web services using Spring with Hibernate as persistence provider.
•    Used a collection of Java J2EE frameworks to build the application using Spring, Hibernate, and Maven.
•    Involved in reviewing bug fixing and executing code and  using Jenkins and Sonar.
•    Participated in development of a well responsive applications using JavaScript in conjunction with HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ajax, SWING and AWT standards, with frontend UI team
•    Implemented multi-threading and object synchronization to handle simultaneous data modification requests on same subscriber/account.
•    Worked on test automation using Selenium.
•    Create and modify REST API’s for data inventory.
•    Create and modify ER schemas in Informix and Oracle as well create and modify functions/ procedures in these RDBMS and optimize SQL queries.
•    Developed test cases and performed unit test using JUnit Framework.
•    Develop new stories (For the iTom methodology) for the new features into the application.
•    Conduct code reviews to ensure the quality of the product as well to increase the knowledge of the team
Environment: Core Java, Java 6/5, J2EE, Java SE, SWING and AWT, Spring framework, Spring MVC, Hibernate, JQuery, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jenkins, Maven, Sonar, Web services, REST API, SOAP, Informix, Oracle, SVN, Enterprise Architect, JSON.

Company: CONSISS, http://consiss.com/, Monterrey Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Senior Java Software Engineer
Description: Developing systems, giving solution to user requirements, designing the technical documentation (High Level Design), concluding with the coding in which technologies such as Struts Framework, Spring Framework, Oracle 11 g, Oracle Publisher BI, SQL, Java SE 4 y Java EE 5, JSP, DWR, Ajax, JQuery, DOJO, POI, HTML, CSS, SVN, CVS.
•    Gather and analysis requirement, application design and database design.
•    Provided extensive Java support to the company software into the CRM project using struts, JSP, JavaScript, etc
•    Develop new stories (For the Babok methodology) for the new features into the application.
•    Developed internal tool to increase efficiency in testing, reduce manual intervention and improve productivity. Henceforth working as a tools head by contributing in development of reusable components recognized at organizational level
•    Creating Restful web services in grails for providing discounts coupons to the application clients.
•    Utilized the features of Struts Framework like Actions to listener the request on the client site, developed lightweight components.
•    Developed Unit Test Cases using jUnit, & Involved in Unit & Integration Testing of the application
Environment: Core Java, J2EE, Struts framework, jQuery, Prototype, JavaScript, Ajax, HTML, CSS, JSON, Web services, REST API, SOAP, DOJO, CSS, SVN.

Company: 4F Systems - QuarkSoft, https://quarksoft.net/, Mexico, DF
Java Software Engineer/Programmer
Description: User requirements, Functional and Non-functional, were developed, developing part of the high level system design (logical and physical architecture), using metrics and methodology TSP (Team Software Process) and PSP ( Personal Software Process).
•    Meeting with the clients for to get de requirements for the new systems.
•    Designing the documentation of High Level Design (HLD) the systems at Enterprise Architect, making the UML diagrams and mockups for the prototypes of the systems.
•    Creating the documentation of requirements SRS (Systems Requirements of Software)
•    Develop new stories (For the PSP, TSP and CMMI methodology) for the new features into the application.
Environment: Enterprise Architect, UML, TSP, PSP and CMMI.

Company: Dirección General del Estado de Zacatecas            
Java Programmer/Data Capturer
•    Architectural design using UML and development of an application using Java and Spring frameworks.
•    Manage the full development life cycle. Including getting requirements, analysis, design, and development and testing.
•    Provided extensive technical support
•    Object Oriented Programming and Structured Programming.
•    Identifies technical problems on the SW programmed in Java-J2EE.
•    Fix and prevent java errors in applications, which impact on end Users.
Environment: Java/J2ee, UML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Spring, jUnit.

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