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I have a degree of bachelor in Computer Science and develop software professionally since 2009. Have worked with some embedded stuff in Java in the past, but since 2011 my main focus is web programming, especially Ruby on Rails.

Currently I'm focusing my learning efforts in front-end technologies like React and Ember.

My day job is at Resultados Digitais, where I'm a full-stack engineer and scrum-master.
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Resultados Digitais:
My current job. It is a startup which develops an Inbound Marketing platform for the Brazilian market. The app is written in Ruby on Rails. We already have 600+ clients and our main focus now is solving lots of scalability issues.

Previous jobs:

CERTI Foundation:
I worked at the Digital Convergence Center,  implementing the Java DTV (Ginga) specification.

Brava iTV:
A startup in which we created a T-commerce (e-commerce for interactive TV). Back-end was Ruby on Rails, and front end written in Java, using Java DTV.
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