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Henry K.

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With nine years of broad development experience, I currently position myself as an Open Source software engineer, with great knowledge on backend development (such as Python, Java, Scala and server-side Javascript with Node.js) and some experience with frontend development (React.js with Reflux.js mostly) with great conceptual knowledge of application lifecycle, Single-Page Application, REST(ful) APIs and Software Architecture.

Also, I have strong knowledge of DevOps tools and procedures, such as CI/CD, Docker containers, provisioning and so on.

When coding, my I'm focused on delivering high quality code, ensuring stability, performance, testability and maintainability. To achieve this, I make use of conceptual knowledge I gathered through many years of self-taught learning and market experience, such as design patterns, functional programming techniques, stability-ensuring patterns, and other conceptual reasonings about code structure.

Delivering great solutions is what moves me, so I'm constantly learning new things or enhancing my knowledge on previously known topics. This allows me to make confident and concise decisions about software engineering and systems architecture.

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